BMeF – “Back on Me” further expands his sound!

Bombay Masked e- Fiddler (BMeF), is a classical violinist turned music producer and a live set artist. He currently works in various genres, including Ambient, Downbeat, Trip hop, Fusion, Indian Music, Experimental, and Industrial. Based in Mumbai, India, BMeF boasts a B Mus. (Violin/ electronic music) from the Elder Conservatorium in Adelaide, Australia. Besides his solo music releases, he teaches, collaborates, and produces music for ads, corporations, and films etc. “Back on Me” is the highly anticipated new release from the Bombay Masked e- Fiddler. It has a nostalgic retro appeal, with a light shimmering feel and perfectly timed percussive beats. The reverb-stained vocals are a smooth compliment to the seamless musical transitions. It’s a chilled-out track with simple yet meticulous grooves.

Besides the sweet soulful singing, the rhythmic downtempo creates an easy-listening soundscape which continues the overall ambient mastery that epitomizes much of the Bombay Masked e- Fiddler’s distinctive sound. BMeF blurs the lines of music genre with beats that are unpredictable, effortless and inspiring.

Music production is an environment in which it can be tough for a producer to stand out in. It’s even harder to make out the identity they’re trying to cultivate artistically. And that’s why BMeF’s music is so impressive: it’s fully formed and confident, the clear product of a single person’s vision and taste, no matter how eclectic it may sound.

At a time when cloned beats is so prevalent, the Bombay Masked e- Fiddler’s vividly colorful music stands out all the more, and “Back on Me” further expands his sound while setting a new benchmark. As much as BMeF seems to be referencing specific genre and style staples on this latest track, his constant flights of sonic fancy make his music seem genre-averse.

And when he connects the dreamy vocals like he does here, his music really glows. His production style on “Back on Me”, is characterized by a strong penchant for the melodic, a rich sonic palette that somehow remains uncluttered, and an underlying groove too good to resist.

Listening to “Back on Me” you instantly you get the sense that BMeF is striving to be more than the average Soundcloud electronic producer content in making bootleg bangers, and that he is capable of being a producer in the more traditional sense. His tracks are fleshed out, and his music appeal to fans outside of club environments, giving them more shelf life than your average electro edit.

Overall, “Back on Me” is a very clear step from an emerging music maker, to fully fledged producer, and BMeF has done well to avoid the mainstream trappings that emerging artists often fall into – developing his own sound in a truly underground sense.

Thanks to the Bombay Masked e- Fiddler’s creative hunger and, no doubt, his relentless work ethic through which he is continually perfecting his craft, this release satisfies the insatiable desire for more music from the revered Mumbai based producer…and still leaves us looking to what’s next.


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