MIXKS: “On The Gang” ft. Richflame – a solid and sensible step forward on all fronts!

MIXKS is 16 year old artist starting a career in rap and music production. He has just released the track “On The Gang”, alongside Richflame. The fully produced and performed the track. MIXKS and Richflame are also part of another collective called Third Degree. In an ever-changing here today gone tomorrow era of rap, often lacking originality, MIXKS is carving his own foundation in the game by consistently dropping quality projects.

Forget that he is sixteen because in under a year, he already has an envious back catalog of songs, and it’s filled with a variation of good, interesting music that will put peers twice his age to shame. MIXKS is as candid with this music as he is with his commentary and views about life. Again, this is surprising for a very young artist.

MIXKS has crossed styles from pure hip-hop, to Trap and alternative rock flavors, and still keeps reforming, changing for the better, and being true to himself at the same time. At the end of the day that’s probably why fans will love him. He is never creatively stagnant.

He has a knack for layering his music and finding ways to reach the listener with real statements that people can live by and relate to. Whatever direction he takes with his songs, the one constant is that he puts emotion into all his songs, and he puts it all out there. His lyricism comes in the shape of delivery, storytelling – a visualization of vibrant imagery through words.

In “On The Gang”, MIXKS continues to use his gift well, orchestrating amazing hooks and choruses that both he and Richflame flow over using their naturally hyped voices while rapping throughout the verses with a level of lyricism that continues to impress me.

They speak their minds with confidence, as MIXKS tends to do on almost all of his tracks, and when you listen to an artist like a MIXKS, you feel as if he is speaking directly to you.

I think all young, up and coming rappers should take MIXKS mentality to heart; if you make art that’s close to your chest, you’ll get that sound you are looking for. Something he easily achieves with “On The Gang”, with the excellent support of Richflame.

In places where most rappers opt for flexes that offer little in the way of emotionally revealing honesty, MIXKS always chooses to put his psyche on full display. And he blasts away in “On The Gang”, riding the piano-driven rhythm with a vengeance. Maybe the only negative element here, is the duration of the track – which will stop your clock after just one full turn.

MIXKS is also adept at crafting soundscapes that are cavernous enough to house his deliveries. He sure has come a long way since the release of “Dreaming From Home” and “Fight”.  This latest recording is a solid and sensible step forward on all fronts – sonics, rapping, and writing – “On The Gang” is a concise concentration of what MIXKS does best.


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