Jo Potter – “Tonight” – an exhilarating mix!

Critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, award-winning instrumentalist Jo Potter shows little signs of losing her edge and poignancy throughout the course of her latest studio album, “Tonight”.  If anything, she’s more potent on here compared to anything else she has previously done in her solo work.  No, the wheel isn’t reinvented during the course of the album’s 13 tracks, but that’s not Potter’s ultimate aspiration. She’s just striving to be the best damn version of herself she can possibly be, and “Tonight” is one of the most incredibly inspired, consistent and impactful, female-powered, pop-rock album’s you’ll find right now. The fearless singer-songwriter delivers an exhilarating mix of proud anthems and introspective ballads in her simultaneously heartwarming and take-no-prisoners attitude.

Jo Potter sings with such emotion and conviction that she can convince you a song is so much better than it would have been otherwise. Now imagine applying that enhancing formula to an album that already forges great, insightful and relevant songwriting. That album is “Tonight”.

Jo Potter performance and songwriting credentials are right up there with the very best in her genre. As she gives us a convincing example of artistic dexterity coming with evolutionary maturation. Make no mistake this is a masterpiece full of deep content whilst also producing loads of entertainment along the way.

From the onset of the title track, “Tonight” the crunchy groove instantly draws the listener’s attention, initially established by the guitar riffs. The sound embraces the anthemic with a dash of soulfulness.  This soulfulness really comes full-throttle on the biting chorus where “Over and Done” is at its most robust.

On “Baby I Am Yours”, the throwback harmonies help to amplify the infectious, irresistible ear candy.  Contributing to the soulfulness and overall ear-catchiness, is the crowning achievement – Potter’s surefire, high-flying, big-time vocals. She switches down a notch on “For You (Seraphina’s Lullaby)”, to favor the intimacy, where she never overindulges, maintaining poise as she sings.

From the get-go, “You’re Amazing” reaches a point where it rouses the listener with staccato rhythms and a funky groove. Jo Potter’s voice continues to be the biggest draw on the “Goodbye”, “Waiting”, and “No Apology” where the dominant clean acoustic guitars form the perfect backdrop for her emotive crooning.

The results are quite alluring, benefiting from a resonant and sweetly melodious vibe. Potter is teasing and utterly captivating throughout “Everything”, particularly the chorus, which adds additional layers further amplifying the brilliance. More introspective, “Nothing” is a tale of realization and disenchantment, as well as a moment of self-empowerment within the realm of uncompromising affectivity.

The final three tracks on the album are comprised of stripped-down, acoustic versions of “Baby I’m Yours”, “Goodbye” and “No Apology”. This album presents a positive and self-aware version of Jo Potter that we haven’t really experienced before. The strength of her song-writing makes a big impact, but then, so do her performances.

Every new album shows growth in her artistry, as she constantly challenges herself with new material. Thoughtful, engaging, inspiring, and just plain great music – spiced with a beautiful, heartfelt, and authentic voice, is a formula hard to come by, in an era that finds its foundations built on superficiality and the diffusion of tweets. Jo Potter is simply not capable of creating bad music.


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