Chayle – “Timezone” Pulls you Right In!

Chayle is a professional dancer residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Through connecting and performing for other artists, she has begun to develop her own abilities in singing and songwriting. Her latest single “Timezone” expands her varied repertoire and ability to create magical sonic landscapes with her luscious vocals and smashing beats that go anywhere from EDM to Ambient. Chayle stated that this song is about her personal experience with DPDR (depersonalization / derealization disorder).

Coupled with the singer’s resonant vocals, this ironically lends the song a unique sense of strength, probably also because of the uplifting beat being in contrast with the reflective lyrics. It becomes a welcomed branch of Chayle’s multi-tiered musical vision.

“Timezone” takes Chayle’s natural inclination for electronic beats and mixes it with the soulful undertone of her vocals. It proves that the performer can travel from the piano-driven ambient balladry of “The End” to up-tempo EDM, and still sound like a seasoned expert on both.

Produced by Jacob Miles, “Timezone” drives a bittersweet theme which pulls you in, and it’s a sentiment that anyone familiar with DPDR can instantly understand. Chayle has a lovely voice, and her tunefully-strung vocals hit notes that rub eardrums the right way. It lends much-needed rays of hope to any somber tones within the narrative.

Beautiful in its execution and catching in its repetition, “Timezone” is the current crowning jewel in the Chayle set-list. It’s a deeper, more satisfying experience, with emotional substance that many of her contemporaries so sorely lack.

The elegant production values never take away from Chayle’s haunting vocals highlighted by her impressive song-writing abilities. This beautifully crafted electronic gem, characterized by cycling warm keys, dramatic bass tension and an insistent beat, bridges pop and EDM towards a mainstream world.

Focusing on her distinctive voice and sharp songwriting sensibility, Chayle has an organic energy that suggests she can develop her musical identity in a number of different ways. There is a subtle pop core to Chayle’s songwriting, mixed with an interest in electronica and a strong appetite to explore complex emotional themes and exciting soundscapes.

That it all gels so brilliantly on “Timezone” speaks volumes about her talent, and about Jacob Miles laying the groundwork for her elevation to the next level.

Every artist comes to a place, where their choice of path may lead them to commercial success, critical acclaim or less inviting places. “Timezone” has all the potential to pull off the extraordinary and find a route to both of the first two choices.

It allows Chayle to maintain her artistic authenticity, without precluding any possible commercial success. This is one of those songs you can listen to ten times and notice something else every time, and it’s definitely one of those tunes that really gets inside of you and grows on you with repeated listening.


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