STRONG A.R.M. – “SLOW DOWN STRONG / THAT’S GANGSTA” comes with pulse-pounding verses!

STRONG A.R.M. comes straight out of Brownsville, Brooklyn NYC.  A 6’2″, 200+ pound, hardcore rapper, who has spent his entire career learning the business and perfecting his skills as an artist, writer, and producer. The resilient rhyming grinder, steps up to the plate with his EP “SLOW DOWN STRONG / THAT’S GANGSTA”. This is classic style material that goes hard from start to finish. STRONG A.R.M. comes with his own style that nobody else can imitate without looking stupid. This can definitely get you motivated when you’re working out or even having a bad day. This EP is both chilling and honest, and show the multiple styles STRONG A.R.M. can deliver in extraordinary execution.

STRONG A.R.M. is truly both an unprecedented and unique rap artist. His voice is both rough and emotional; giving his songs like the incredible “Slow Down Strong (Hip Hop Mix)” both powerful energy and gritty ambience. The most powerful example of this is arguably “That’s Gangsta (Hip Hop Mix)”.

His voice grows more intense as his personal rhymes becomes darker, which is something I’ve hardly encountered before in a Hip-Hop artist. Hardcore rap disintegrated during the mid-nineties, to be replaced by a much softer form of hip-hop; one that was radio-friendly and full of pop hooks.

However, by 1997, on the streets of New York, it made a smashing comeback, only to eventually waste away again. Today we’re in a worse off situation with Trap and mumble rap dominating the charts. It takes a bold effort to bring hardcore back again, yet STRONG A.R.M. proves that he is up for the challenge, drawing comparisons to previous legends with his commandingly aggressive presence as a spitter.

STRONG A.R.M.  is a solid rapper. His barks with an extremely suave, lightning fast flow, yet guttural feeling. Check it out on “Slow Down Strong (Hip Hop Mix)”. You’ll have to keep hitting replay to keep up with his verses. You can almost feel the sense of power and entitlement that his voice seems to exude, and it’s a rather welcome change, when compared to auto-tuned hip-pop tracks of our time.

Put simply: STRONG A.R.M. asserts himself perfectly, and certainly proves that he can back up any labels that are slapped on him. And if you’re wondering about the production, look no further than “Slow Down Strong (Austin Leeds EDM Mix)”.

One of the more refreshing points about this recording, is the fantastic music. Here you’ll encounter all the cinematic goods that a banging electronic street anthem can deliver. On the whole, the music on this EP seems to cast the illusion of taking you everywhere from the inside of a club, right down to the streets of the toughest ghetto in the world.

What is perhaps the greatest strength of the instrumentation, is the lack of irksome repetition. The music flows perfectly, with no redundancy. This is an excellent trait. The air around STRONG A.R.M. seems to crackle with electricity on “That’s Gangsta (Hip Hop Mix)”.

Delivered with pulse-pounding, scene-stealing verses, the Brownsville rapper represents an antithesis to the whole image that the wave of new-age rappers are crafting. It is a powerful message, a sign of a man who absolutely owns his moment. He is a force that cannot be contained. What makes this song even more suspenseful is how STRONG A.R.M. raps from his own point of view.

The wordplay that can be found here is extremely addictive. STRONG A.R.M. has an excellent sense of rhythm and flow, which is very evident all over “SLOW DOWN STRONG / THAT’S GANGSTA”. Right now STRONG A.R.M. is one of the most badass rappers in the hip-hop world. Period.


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