Theolanda – ‘Dive In’ – a blend of sophistication and heart!

Model, beauty queen and singer, Theolanda Franco, whose mother is from Russia and her father from Angola, speaks 5 languages, including English, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Theolanda, who also plays the guitar, is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of redundant sounds and images. She has a soulful voice and an alluring and authentic demeanor, which of course carries over into her music. Her sound is soulful, sexy, and relatable. Her artistic depth and quality is clear to see, and part of the appeal of her single ‘Dive In’, is its lingering commercial appeal, that’s crying out to be explored. It’s the perfect winter ballad, and provides more than enough sass, innuendo, and soul-fueled silkiness to engage wider audiences.

Theolanda Franco

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of ‘Dive In’ is an authentic innocence that threads through it – the subtle interludes that feature in the space between the instrumental lay bare Theolanda’s passions, fears, desires, and intentions.

They allow listeners to get to know the singer and her emotional universe within the song, evoking an undeniable form of romantic humility – something that makes the songstress captivating. From the first second, listeners can’t help but to be transported to a familiar space. Theolanda’s rich vocals and suggestive imagery helps make a perfect addition to any chill playlist.

This sexy and sultry groove will have you hitting up whoever your joint is for an encounter in the after-hours. The flirty, yet light production balances the realer than life lyrics, exuding a yearning that can only be met physically. Theolanda pushes beyond the limits with her emotionally spectacular phrasing, as she suggests communication and clarity.

It’s difficult to get tired of this tune because it hits the exact same sweet spot, whether it’s the first or the 100th listen. In between the melody lies the relatable desires and common intimacy that take place in romantic relationships. Theolanda’s penchant to capture the essence of those occurrences is sharply precise.

Soul and emotion are the major elements of ‘Dive In’ and no matter what your status may be, you can’t say you don’t feel something when listening to this track.  Creative production and Theolanda’s voice, brims with beauty and character throughout the song, delivering a blend of sophistication and heart.

The cover artwork

Using her chill instrumentation and fluid vocals to create a vibe that is uniquely serene, the artist’s impressive vocal and artistic range allows all elements to work together perfectly. Everything about this track says smooth, from the music to the vocals and lyrics. One of Theolanda’s strongest skills as an artist is her ability to blur the lines between genres, creating music that’s at once universal and timeless.

The song radiates a sense of comfort and warmth, calling upon elements of R&B, Neo-Soul, Pop and Electro-Chill. Theolanda’s storytelling is powerful in its simplicity. Through honest and relatable lyrics, she connects to her listeners via radical vulnerability and a rare truthfulness.

The artist’s unflinching honesty is seen throughout every aspect of her work – from her raw vocals, to her impressively candid lyrics. Furthermore, she knows how and where to place vocal inflections into her performance that gives the record a tangible vibe.

It is very easy to get lost, not only in Theolanda’s voice, but her music in general, and ‘Dive In’ thoroughly proves that point. This is raw and pure talent, and it’s beautiful!


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