Fruitii Suspect – “THIC THIC” – unabashed and uncompromising!

“THIC THIC” by Fruitii Suspect – a Toronto based dancer and choreographer turned Hip-Hop Impresario – is an experience. From beginning to end, it tells a coherent story, on top of delivering fantastic music. The blunt, raw and vivid lyricism bursting forward is startling honest, and the fact that you can move to it is just impressive. Words really aren’t going to do this track justice. It’s a level of hip-hop that makes the hardest of men appreciate concepts that they’ve never figured to take attention to yet. It’s everything that hip-hop should represent – unabashed honesty, self-expression and individuality.

This is a track of subverted expectations, both for Fruitii Suspect and his listeners. For Fruitii Suspect, the hopeful window to the world he had opened through the earlier part of his life turned out to be a source of loneliness and heartbreak. “As someone who was adopted, I had already felt like an outcast that no one could relate to,” says Fruitii Suspect, “now add being gay to that. It was definitely a nightmare.”

But he has learned that sometimes you have to close a window to open a door. And he has done precisely this recently. By closing the window on the misguided and cruel philosophies life offers gay people in society, Fruitii Suspect has discovered an open door through which he emerges on “THIC THIC”, leading him to new inner strength and a mastery of his craft.

“As a marginalized person I have witnessed and experienced firsthand all the abuses we as humans can impart on each other,” says Fruitii Suspect. “This physical and mental anguish affects our very soul. My intention with this music, this song, and this video is to begin putting relateable images and lyrics in society and help heal other LGBTQIA, Black, Latino, Women of all Colors ,and anyone who has ever felt misrepresented to start being empowered and strong enough to be their authentic selves 100%.”

Fruitii Suspect has established himself as a master provocateur on “THIC THIC” with overtly lustful lyrics. Lyrically, this is an exploration of the artist’s sexual affinities and beyond, while it contains a lovely duality in its syncopated instrumentation and smoothly flowing vocal work.

Instrumentally and vocally, the song makes for a groovy trip, capturing warm tones within the beat. Even with the song’s upbeat leaning energy, there’s a sultry element to its lyrics, making for another fascinating duality. The explicit progression of the narrative gives listeners something engaging and unique that will stick with them long after the song is over.

The piano is also absolutely resonant and attention grabbing, even more so when juxtaposed with the flawless vocal flow in the foreground. Fruitii Suspect should be a big creative inspiration and role model to many – he does things his own way with no regard for the status quo.

His music, his narratives, and I suspect, his visuals: they’re all unabashed and uncompromising. On “THIC THIC” Fruitii Suspect has found a way to combine his performance edge with an outspoken, explicit sound that utilizes catchy elements and a hip-hop groove.


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