Perfect Explanation deliver with swaggering confidence on their Debut EP!

The punk rock world is in a questionable state. Were it not for a new crop of young bands, like Perfect Explanation that are still emerging quietly on the sidelines of mainstream to save the day and inject some much-needed youthful vitriol to the sound, the genre would be all but dead. Perfect Explanation is a new band that formed during 2018 in Boulder, Colorado in the US. The rock, punk and alternative quartet have released their self-titled debut EP. It’s quite difficult to come crawling back to a genre you gave a big, fat break for a while. However, there’s a certain intensity that is within the group’s personality for this record that shines superbly when the bass lines twang and flow, when the guitar thrashes its strings and of course when the drums provide a pounding onslaught.

This raw emotion isn’t only present in the music – though it borrows greatly from its energy to really get the point across – it also emanates immensely from the songwriting. Everything is put into place perfectly on the Perfect Explanation EP – the energy, the emotion, and the slight necessary polish.

One couldn’t ask for a more impressive debut record from a bunch of punk-rock dudes in 2020. “Underachiever” opens the three song set with swaggering confidence. An undeniably infectious high-octane anthem, it comes roaring out of the speakers to warn us that the Perfect Explanation party is just getting started.

“I Feel Fine” is built on a hazy crunch of guitar sludge that slowly cracks open your head and worms its way into your brain. There’s a familiar psychotic energy and enthusiasm that manages to add a blitz of color to this track even its being as dark as hell.

Perfect Explanation bluntly describe the cause and effect of intoxication, and do so in an entirely real manner, even replicating a sound that resembles that feeling. In fact, that’s what makes the band so brutally good; the sounds they achieve are so sublimely made and fit so well with a song’s lyrical content. Fast or slow, the atmosphere of every song here is perfect. It makes you pay attention to it closely.

There are two aspects that really make or break projects. One is the flow of said project, and the other is how good the songs just generally are. Perfect Explanation succeeds flawlessly in both areas. The EP flows seamlessly into three very diverse sounds.

Fast and rock, steady and slow burning, and there is “Take Me There”, which comes as a surprise with a strong emphasis on harmonious vocals and an almost mellow musical backdrop. Though the song’s underbelly still carries an abrasive energy. The vocals are prominent and drive the music just as much as the guitars do.

In a recording of this type, which embraces diverse musical styles, there is a balance to be struck in production, without sounding fake and maintaining the raw qualities of the band’s sound.

The balance is met smartly here as the rhythm section retains its punch whilst allowing the guitars and vocals to take center stage. With the release of their debut EP, Perfect Explanation seriously attempt to claim a position amongst the front runners within a genre in dire need of rejuvenation.



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