Prince Double S – “Bounce Back / Resilience” – find plenty of throb, grind and intensity!

The music project Prince Double S was launched in January 2020 by Sven Zadon. The name combines the words “princess” and “Sweet Slush”; an online pseudonym used by the artist. Zadon has been producing electronic music since 2007 and combines electronic sounds with orchestral and band-typical instruments. The latest single by Prince Double S is entitled “Bounce Back / Resilience”. When this producer puts his hands to the board, his blaring, beat-driven cinematic electro is positively galvanizing. The result is a muscular low-end shock that can both shake the earth and send fists rocketing to the sky.

All cylinders are firing on the “Bounce Back, a bass-driven monster spitting strings, keys and drums. The combination of brutishness and dynamism makes this song, in its almost minimal way…extraordinary. It’s clear from this track that Prince Double S can be big, badass, even brilliant in his arrangements.

He is a risk taker with his music and an innovator. His amorphous style, is much more than your average DJ simply looking to feed his listeners a beat to dance to. Prince Double S obviously considers the relationship between the music and his audience an experience, and holds himself to higher standards than most.

It’s no surprise, then, to hear the powerful music he makes with a handful of sonic elements. “Resilience” is even crunchier and more dynamic than the previous track. Spilling out growling basslines, sinister synths, disorientating string motifs, and perverse percussion, “Resilience” broods and broils, thrusting its way out of the speakers.

It is one massive, breathing creature indeed. Electronic fans will find plenty of throb, grind and intensity, as Prince Double S colors outside the traditional electronic lines, which makes him accessible to all kinds of audiences.

Prince Double S’ creative productions create a sense of ominous plans unfolding, before giving way to a mix of dark, orchestral strings that portend an approaching threat. Prince Double S takes that tension and seamlessly transitions into stunning dynamics.

Swirling synth vibrations and belches of bass drift in and out of the mixes, revealing the musical skeleton that seemingly underpins the pieces. Then after another anxious slab of head-twisting pressure, arrives the thoughtful finish. Prince Double S could probably make bangers for days, but he really shows his producing skills when he makes tracks like “Bounce Back / Resilience”.

For aspiring artists and veteran producers alike, the haunting notion of creative restrictions may cripple not only their proficiency, but their capability to really have fun with music. Luckily Prince Double S put’s no genre or stylistic limitations on his works. One minute he sounds like a DJ producing for the dancefloor, the next he sounds like a sound designer sculpting a soundtrack for a movie.

While sounding bombastic and chunky “Bounce Back / Resilience”, isn’t limited to stay there – and don’t expect it to. There are no limitations and no hesitations in the mixes. Prince Double S has mastery over his craft. There is a certain articulation found in his beats and a lot of intelligence behind the music.


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