Xanny Clips x Nick Fresh – “Fun Real” – an unusual spawn between trap and rap!

New York bred artist Xanny Clips has been doing music since the age of 13 but officially took it seriously in 2019. He is heavily influenced by artists like Sean Paul, BoB Marley, Kanye West, Breaking Benjiman, Sick Puppies, Lil Wayne and Young Thug. Together with New Yorker Nick Fresh they releases the breakout single “Fun Real”. When the initial ad-libs ring out from the track, they inject a steady stream of endorphins through your headphones, making uncontrollable happiness unavoidable.

Trap is the perfect crossover between EDM and hip-hop. In fact, this genre is responsible for some of music’s hottest artists. The genre has evolved into its own entity, combining the likes of dance music, rattling drums, pipe flutes, gangsta synth leads and hip-hop samples.

The thrill is in the intense, bass-rattling, make-you-want-to-rip-your-hair-out-and-jump-into-the-mosh-pit energy. With that being said, for those who need a taste of what this mind-boggling category of music entails. Look no further than Xanny Clips and his sidekick Nick Fresh. These dudes take the genre completely over the top!

Blending high-pitched squeaks and squawks, with shamelessly witty wordplay, smooth vocal flows, and heart melting melodicism, Xanny Clips and Nick Fresh bend the trap template into ludicrous shapes.

Starting with the song title “Fun Real”, or “funeral”, depending on the warped pronunciation intended or perceived, you know that these guys are here to warp your mind into a gelastic mess by the time these three minutes are over.

Bizarre as it is, “Fun Real” is an unusual spawn between trap and rap that surprisingly works well. Nick Fresh’s explicit melodic hook that’s all about ‘dick’, ‘fuck’ and ‘bitch’, is actually the most rational and relatable part of the track.

All of which says a whole damn lot about the manic minding-bending bars that Xanny Clips brings to the mix. Grimy, vicious, and above all, just swimming in huge rolling bass, the production perfectly underlines the frantic delirium riding on top.

So deep, so smooth, so round, and so crazy. If you’re in the mood for some Trap to kick you in the teeth, you’ve come to the right place. Xanny Clips and Nick Fresh take you on a weird musical journey, and you would have been mistaken to expect anything different.

There are certain artists you go to hear that you have to be ready for. While I consider myself an eclectic listener, picking playlists according to the sentiment of the day, there is a truth to knowing what you are getting. I say this because Xanny Clips is an artist that you have to get ready for. He is totally outside of any box you may want to put him in. Goddammit, to be fair, he is totally out of this fucking world!





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