Temperature Falls – “1-2-3” brings an engrossing immediacy

Temperature Falls’ latest single “1-2-3” is bound to make you swoon and, if you’re already a fan, fall deeper down the well with them. This is a band that creates depth of feeling effortlessly. They know how to create a mood, which despite the surface level melancholic tones, can feel euphoric, introspective, and warm. From the minute the song begins, you’re transported to a dream world – a swirling celestial world, where it’s always okay to feel your feelings

Temperature Falls’ sound is described best by feelings. Synths that feel warm and tangible, like tiny particles floating through the sunlight. Vocals that are cool and echoing like the feeling of your hair drifting through the breeze.

Deep, atmospheric basslines that flutter like the butterflies in your belly in a moment of trepidation. Vocalist and lyricist Camilla, and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, marries all the aesthetics of electro trip-hop and alternative rock in a harmonious and otherworldly venture.

“1-2-3” is a breathtaking display of the Norway based duo’s understanding of themselves as artists. The group explores new facets of their sound without changing the atmospheric and ethereal elements that draw their fans in.

A newfound clarity in Camilla’s vocals and storytelling imbues the record with an engrossing immediacy. Filled with sharp bursts of noise, sprawling synth pads, hypnotic bass, and a crisp, driving beat, “1-2-3” finds the band crafting their most adventurous record yet.

“1-2-3” is a lush and rhythmic record that grabs you from the onset and contains tremendous depth beyond the surface.  Temperature Falls feel free to indulge their experimental inclinations and loosen up, filling the record with a bright spark that makes it as exciting to listen to as it must have been to make. It’s impressive enough for the trip-hop/alternative rock duo to keep making one of the best songs of their catalog.

When it comes to music, we as listeners, almost always have an odd feeling to constantly yearn for something new that pushes boundaries and breaks molds yet is comforting and familiar when it comes to music. Temperature Falls have found their formula but have been subtly tweaking away at it, release after release.

It’s like they’re adding an extra bit of seasoning to a recipe; the changes are subtle but it helps create something even more refined or emotive. When all put together you find something that attempts to capture a mood.

Camilla and Ian J. Ward are masters of their craft. On “1-2-3” They have found their strengths, honed in on them, and then stretched them to their fullest, while still remaining solidly in the particular world that they created from their debut release.

Temperature Falls fully deserve credit for carving out space for themselves and being masters of their own hypnotic universe. The Oslo duo’s latest single is the culmination of precisely refining their technique, doubling down again and again on a now unmistakable sound and aesthetic and striving to perfect it.


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