SirWillyD – “Toxic” – rock that’s tangible, agreeable and genuine

SirWillyD is a rock musician from Granite Falls, North Carolina. He writes his own material, and manages play the drums, bass, guitar, and do the vocals all on his own. Raw and raucous, the sound on his latest single, “Toxic”, is heavy, loud and meant to be played a stupid levels. If your neighbors don’t like rock n’ roll, they will after you play it for them a hundred times…or they might just call the cops! “Toxic” does not mince words. The song packs a wallop. Instantly addictive, the song gratifies more and more on repeated listens.

“Toxic” is exactly what is to be expected from a true rock record album: solid, no-frills, ass-kicking guitar crunch. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? SirWillyD sounds like he is at the top of his game and got there in a no-bullshit way, by working and implanting is craft.

He doesn’t need any kind of façade to present his music to the public. How do we know? It’s in the hard-hitting straightforwardness of the music. Having a natural ability to make bombastic rockers with a modern twist and a swampy retro aura actually good is not an easy feat, and yet SirWillyD makes it so.

“Toxic” has cornered the kind of ideas that make up the best of SirWillyD’s catalog in an earnest attempt to go as big sounding as possible, while staying relatively grounded. SirWillyD gives us the kind of rock that’s tangible, agreeable, and, most importantly, genuine to the artist himself.

Its heavy as hell, but never too abrasive, with the guitar motifs steadily chugging the rhythm along. Not as pretentious as his peers, SirWillyD doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, per se; he just wants to keep it rolling. And that’s just what “Toxic” does.

The drought is over, real rock is back with “Toxic”, as the song emphasizes a return to basics. It brandishes real heavy-metal muscle and a surging head-banging arena groove. Everything has been done to allow pop to rise to the top, or to push Dance and hip-hop towards world domination.

But of the young up and coming musical crowd, who would do what, about normal, old fashioned rock? Who would step up to protect the genre from extinction? Well it seems like SirWillyD has taken this task to heart.

Without displaying any showoff six-string histrionics, SirWillyD’s grounded guitar skills help to make this track what it is. “Toxic’s” guitar sets the tone of the song brilliantly, complimenting SirWillyD vocals, and the dark narrative, making the track what it is.

Whether it’s working in the background with the drums and bass, or standing out in the forefront with the guitar and vocals, SirWillyD exhibits a knack for knowing what will work his songs. Ultimately, SirWillyD is at his best on “Toxic”, because he sticks to making music without gimmicks or pretense.


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