D.O.M.O DaOneManOver – “Most Hated” is one of the best hip hop albums of the year so far!

Lyrically inspired by legendary rappers like Tupac, Biggie and Scarface, also well as by the work ethic and drive of rappers like the great Nipsey Hussle and Tee Grizzly, D.O.M.O DaOneManOver emerges from the (DMV) D.C, Maryland and Virginia area to bring us his 11 song independently produced album “Most Hated”. The fantasy of justice achieved through total rupture, is an essential to the thrill of D.O.M.O DaOneManOver’s music. It’s in the mechanized warfare of the album’s production, where gunmetal-grey textures click and clack over propulsion recalling angry banging beats. It’s in the “me-vs.-everyone” rhyme patterns and line-lengths that are out of step with the mumble rap you’re hearing elsewhere. And it’s in the free-questing lyrics that swirl raw reality, provocative introspection and outright agro attacks.

The title track, “Most Hated” makes a poignant start, putting the entire project into perspective by establishing D.O.M.O DaOneManOver’s combative mindset. From there, the rapper vaults through a series of brag jams that double as ass-kicking sessions, the musical geography defined by fiery verses, soulful choruses and by clusters of epic moments.

“On My Mama” ft. Air Prince, is a front-loaded blitzkrieg that segues into a surveillance of scorched situations before concluding with renewed resolve. D.O.M.O DaOneManOver’s knack for packaging personal truths and serrated witticisms into prismatic rhymes is his forte.

D.O.M.O DaOneManOver’s rhymes with cloud-scattering timbre on “All The Way Up”, where he often breaks into full-throated song: “I just left the strip club with your bitch. She says she wanna to learn to drive a stick. You can say I’m up right now.” D.O.M.O DaOneManOver has fine-tuned his distinctive voice to maximize pathos.

“For Life” ft. I Am Northwest” is the kind of love song, you don’t get to hear much of in the mainstream:  “You gonna be my bitch not just tonight but for life,” instantly confirms the rappers wide ranging confident flow to the uninitiated, before the slow bass booming groove of “Slide” hits your eardrums.

“I wake up in the morning wipe the tears from my eyes. It’s a homicide, another homie died. Nigga ima slide.” D.O.M.O DaOneManOver has no problem addressing his thoughts on political and cultural issues. He continues to investigate existential concerns and pays homage to the fallen, on the soulified bounce of “Angel”.

Tense drums, resonant ethereal pianos and electronic glitches raise the stakes on “Double Checks” ft. Ant Glizzy and “Swear To God” ft. Chuck Baby and Lahrell, before the music explodes into a huge swelling grooves. D.O.M.O DaOneManOver’ mesmerizing flows split the tracks open, adding weighty lyrical gravity.

The stakes keep rising and D.O.M.O DaOneManOver’s reality bars seep in everywhere. From “January To December” ft. Air Prince, to “Pistol on the Dresser”, and the final “The Infiltration”, the production is simply world class.

The rapper never loses momentum, his constant tonal shifts and sustained energy is mind-boggling. Spitting equal parts of red-hot fire and cold hard reality, D.O.M.O DaOneManOver is clearly in his element as he rides a creative high, putting out one of the best hip hop albums of the year so far with “Most Hated”.



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