Amalia Kadis – Magnetism on top of an immaculate rhythmic canvas

You will have Amalia Kadis to thank for a couple of this year’s sublime dance-pop musical moments, the kind that’s destined for prime spots this summer  – whether chilling on the beach or mixing it up inside late-night club jams. The beats drop, the floodgates open, a warm wash of electro instruments spring to life and swoops overhead; Amalia gently rises above it, sultry and smooth. These are pure, ecstatic moments that can be found on her singles – “Dry Under The Sun” and “Goodbye” ft. REDD. Amalia Kadis’ songs prioritize both atmosphere and melody.

If there is anything that builds up expectations concerning Amalia Kadis, it is the fantastic opening of “Dry Under The Sun”. Beginning with sprays of white noise, a broiling bassline and a thumping beat, Amelia’s voice is at its sexiest best here; sounding sweet, sultry and sincere.

Warm pads and snappy snares join the fray, to complete a clear highlight fantastically. It really is the perfect example of what the singer-songwriter is aiming for; as seamless a combination of smooth electro-pop and dance as is practically possible.

“Goodbye” ft. REDD is another beautifully crafted electronic dance-pop gem characterized by a more four to the floor-type pounding arrangement, shimmering keys, echoes, bleeps, and skittering hi-hats.

The energetic and elegant production values, never take away from Amalia Kadis’ carefully understated and haunting vocals, highlighted by some impressive songwriting abilities. The song isn’t just a slab of slab of EDM pumped out of a factory – it’s an immaculate rhythmic canvas that allows the magnetism of Amalia Kadis to be its perfect artistic match.

Amalia Kadis is clearly a talented singer-songwriter with an abundance of potential and ambition. Her voice and songs suggest she could develop her musical identity in a number of different ways.

That everything gels so brilliantly on both “Dry Under The Sun” and “Goodbye” ft. REDD, speaks volumes about her talent, laying the groundwork for her elevation to the next level. Amalia Kadis is just exclusive enough to be loved by the EDM crowd, and just mainstream enough to make Top 40 fans feel cool.

Amalia Kadis has been working in the music industry since a young age. In 2019 she started working on projects with the Aplux Records music label, releasing two singles, her debut “Dry Under The Sun”, which was quickly followed by her sophomore release “Goodbye” ft. REDD.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced her to postpone certain ongoing projects but it has not stopped her from working on, and releasing music, which she is doing right from her home. So expect to hear a lot more from a dazzlingly attractive artist with sweet, sexy, and tangy facets to her voice.



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