Maini Sorri – “Through Teary Eyes” – a beautiful bittersweet love song

Maini Sorri’s previous work presented us with an artist who hit her artistic stride; a fully developed, unique voice on the modern music scene, embracing genres that many had consigned to the past and making music that is fresh, contemporary and exceedingly listenable. So what does an artist do for an encore to such an effort? The safe course is to deliver a repeat performance and nothing more. But the greats do what “Through Teary Eyes” does, it ups the ante.  This is Maini Sorri’s latest single, which releases on the 14th of May.

This is a beautiful bittersweet love song, in a marvelously arranged production, and completes the alchemy of stitching classic rock and pop sounds through a blended arrangement into a personal artistic statement. “There’s no grin above this chin. I surmise through teary eyes. Mind’s in knots with all these thoughts. Don’t know why I let you fly,” sings Maini Sorri in the chorus, interpreting the heartfelt lyrics penned by Gary Cornman. Maini convincingly moves from verse to chorus as she takes you on a journey through wonderment and hopefulness, heartbreak and pain.

Maini Sorri has one of the sweetest and most melodic voices you will hear. This woman is a fantastic talent. She possesses a gift for performing alluring and engaging songs, all of which are highly evocative, each on its own, and “Through Teary Eyes” is no exception to the rule. The song is illuminated by both an airy swoon and a sway in her voice – wistful at times and slyly captivating at others.

Layered guitars, both clean and overdriven, provide an adroit instrumental accompaniment created by top tier female UK producer Aubrey Whitfield, who has worked with X-Factor, the American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, and many more, but its Maini Sorri herself, who still manages to steal the show.

Maini is one of those unusual vocalists who can get inside your head and keep you up at night. Without taking anything away from the fantastic musical and lyrical elements, “Through Teary Eyes” is ultimately held together more by Maini’s fey aesthetic and pliable voice, than any thematic through line.

Maini is no purist; the eclecticism of her choices of songs and performance approaches have been clear since her earlier recordings, and she continues to follow that same aesthetic; she is a great singer, with equally beautiful and memorable melodies, who surrounds herself with excellent creatives when it comes to the lyrics and instrumental productions.

Maini has an achingly sweet voice and a thorough mastery of multiple musical genres. Here, with a refined talent, Maini Sorri gives listeners an engaging pop-rock melody on “Through Teary Eyes”. It’s an experience to sit back and listen to her, as her talents continue to blossom. The song is also accompanied by a supporting video, which is produced by international Award winning producer Kutayden from Turkey.

MORE ABOUT: Maini Sorri is a Swedish-Finnish Singer Songwriter living in Sweden. She has composed music since she was 8 years. She has studied songs, piano, music theory and composing. She has recorded her own songs and performed them in concerts and on radio and Swedish TV. Maini’s discography contains 6 albums, 3 extended plays and 22 singles, including her new single Through Teary Eyes.

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