Trae Shyne – “Long Way” – primed to be enjoyed in the context of a summer groove!

It may not have the constant media attention and radio play of some of hip-hop’s more established locales, but North Carolina is steadily creating its own genre hotbed. While it may not be as monolithic or as much of a powerhouse as some of hip-hop’s principal states, it still produces greatness. From Spindale in NC, Trae Shyne has an unusual story. Raised in a single parent home, alongside his brother, his mother worked 2 jobs to make ends meet.  Trae found his way through life by trial and error, and only turned his natural skills into being a rapper after becoming a father.

He reignited his writing and performance talents and transformed them into a career, with dreams of buying his mom a home and giving his kids a better life than he had. Trae secured a distribution deal with NY’s Bentley Records, and currently has three tracks running on all major digital platforms. His latest single is, “Long Way”, which is taken off the upcoming EP “SHYNE ON’EM”.

Trae Shyne is on a mission to transcend the trappings of his past while legitimizing himself within the music industry and becoming one of the more buzz-worthy artists to emerge from his state. And his latest single elevates his stock to unprecedented levels. Amidst all of the music releases that arrived recently, “Long Way” is a surefire standout.

It impressively showcases Trae Shyne’s lyrical capabilities, as his rhymes pair well with the piano driven production. Trae sounds comfortable softening his consonants while unleashing his melodic sing-song flow.

“Long Way” contains moments of precise delivery, sticky flows, and hooks primed to be enjoyed in the context of a summer groove. It helps that, unlike many of his peers in the music industry, Trae maintains an unwavering focus on the simplicity his music.

Trae is skilled as both a technician and melodist, yet he never gets over-complex with the production or too cryptic with the lyrics, and it’s remarkable how much of “Long Way’s” minutes are musically engaging.

If Trae Shyne knows anything, it’s how to craft captivating moments. His knack for memorable lines and hooks are front and center on “Long Way”, where he almost achieves total perfection, taking his flow deep into the pocket of the groove. The song practically takes all of Trae’s skills and smashes them together.

Plus to make it worth your while, the rapper keeps things interesting sonically. The bass bounces, and the hi-hats skitter, while the piano never stops running back and forth. Musically, “Long Way” is fresh, flush and downright bumping most of the time. Throughout the non-stop delivery, Trae Shyne is flawless, proving the qualities that he sports as an artist.

Link to Trae Shyne’s personal website at where you can find out more about him, and listen to free throwback songs.



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