Pak11 – “Late Nights” – interesting, innovative and utterly, charismatic

In this day and age most artists copy other artists: their lyrics someone else’s throwaways, their careers an imitation, their passions a mere reference. Not Pak11 – well, at least not for now. For in a genre whose authenticity is investigated on a regular basis, Pak11 is three things: interesting, innovative and utterly, charismatic. A tattoo artist out of Chester, Pa, music is his side gig, which he means he doesn’t have to pretend and fake a career, he’s just having a blast, and it comes through loud and clear in the music. Especially on his vibe-filled single, “Late Nights”.

The deep ice-cold 808 boom, is given a spacious, club-ready sheen by the rattling percussion that’ll have the track bouncing around your brain for months to come. The performance by Pak11 is solid and sleek as finished marble.

All radio airplay potential aside, this is a solid track, with quick, witty raps, and a super catchy chorus. Not only is this record different in terms of its smarter-than-average content, but its uniqueness also comes through in its sound.

“Late Nights” bounces with high energy. It’s a winning single, and an impactful introduction to a versatile newcomer. A newcomer to my ears, that is. A glistening rhythm and a delivery that goes down as easy as a frizzy fresh soda will catch your attention.  Pak11, with his snappy flow, offers an engaging alternative to his hipster contemporaries, as his intoxicating rhymes seep through “Late Nights”.

As evidenced by this sublime track, Pak11 has plenty to offer, and much of it comes with vibrant energy. He carries the weight of this single with burning charisma. He’s a vigorous emcee who throws a lot at you, and a large amount of it works perfectly. His style is all over the place, appealing to everyone and anyone. Not bad for an artist who considers this a side gig.

Pak11 has the talent that many rappers are experimenting with these days. With the help of music industry heavy-weights, who knows where he could reach, because of his ability to smoothly appeal to every taste – at once serious and profound, then suddenly playful and witty. The unstoppable Pak11 seems to be filled with positive vibes.

The most startling thing about “Late Nights”, is how effortless Pak11 makes all his groove-juggling seem, especially on repeat listens. Pak11 definitely loves new ideas, just as much as he generates them. He’s an amazing emcee for the age of hip-hop and trap mash-ups and catchy pop, and for this single he’s equally thrilling as the main attraction.

Let’s hope and pray that the tattoo-artist-come-rapper, never changes. With a disarming charm and wit and wholesome nature that makes every word he speaks sound honest and heartfelt, Pak11 elevates the spirit. “Late Nights” allows for him to shine as bright as humanly possible. Pak11 appears to be exactly what he is. Humble, focused and wanting to express his own vision of reality and existence.


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