Lyndon Rivers – “I Like It” – the missing piece of his sonic puzzle!

I’ve always spoken positively about Lyndon Rivers during the past months, and his creativity and desire to uplift his craft into more positive and benefiting exposure. Rivers is an artist who has always awed me with his personality, and assured boldness in drawing from, and blending, a myriad of styles. When you’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time, the odds are definitely stacked with you to deliver again and again. There’s not much room for complacency, when you’ve got fans rooting for you, critical eyes watching you.

Notwithstanding these pressure. Lyndon Rivers continues to deliver regularly and emphatically with his unique, adventurous and enthralling melodies and crafty samples that add to his picturesque production vibes. Take for example his latest track, “I Like It”, a beautifully complex and riveting EDM blend that fills in the final piece so far missing from the Lyndon Rivers sonic puzzle…rap!

“I Like It” is a thunderous hard-style tune with rolling percussion and flaying synths ready to light up dancefloors worldwide. In-between, Lyndon Rivers stuffs in layers of anthemic melodic hooks and streetwise rap verses. Seemingly the best of both worlds, there is something for everyone to enjoy with its driving electronic basslines and fiery hot synths, following suit.

I literally get a bit tired of always and only writing positive reviews of Lyndon Rivers music. So I find myself going into his songs with an even more critical ear than other artists since I so rarely have anything negative to say. But here we are again and Lyndon Rivers has released another gorgeous, captivating, and powerful track, to which I can’t find negatives. Is there any question left that he is at the top of his game?

“I Like It” starts off about as what you would expect. Lyndon Rivers immediately establishes a powerful rhythm and follows up with a vocal hook that reigns throughout the production. Soon though, as the song develops and the raps come in, it is obvious that this is not your typical EDM track. There are so many layers to this song which go further into the experimentation Rivers has done previously through his music.

“I Like It” has an irresistible atmosphere that immediately pulls the listener into its world. Rivers knows what he wants, how he wants to sound, and what to achieve with it. When you are a musician and a producer with this knowledge, there’s nothing that can stop you. In fact Lyndon Rivers continues to master a craft, which he is already out in front of in the underground, and with each release he demonstrates that when it comes down to it – just about nobody is catching up anytime soon.


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