Authintic – “Alone With My Thoughts” – a cathartic experience

Authintic is a hip hop artist and producer born and raised in Colorado. He openly declares to be relentlessly dedicated to what he believes in, and foolishly loyal to anything or anyone he loves. “I am no longer doing music for any other reason besides I want to,” states Authintic. “There is zero pursuit, hope or wish of monetary gain, or fame. I am not seeking a record deal, I am no longer making music for any other reason but to make good hip hop music that is therapeutic to myself and my listeners,” he concludes.

It was purely on the aforementioned premise that I knew I was going to hear something good on Authintic’s album “Alone With My Thoughts”, but what I’ve heard actually has something passionately superb and excellent, written all over it. The idea behind the album is an invitation into the mind and world of Authintic, as the each track lays down haunting yet thumping beats, with the rapper spitting passionately and impeccably. This album is not for those who are satisfied with the simple radio hip hop heard so often today.

This nine-track ensemble deals with Authintic’s personal struggles, experiences and expectations, through past, present and future circumstances, and is extremely raw emotionally; you can’t help but know what’s going on inside of his head. The narrative of each song enters the different spheres of his emotions, with each carrying its own memory and message.

A single father, many of these songs are constructed around reflections on Authintic’s offspring, who he dearly cares for. While the themes of a toxic relationship, loss, depression, self-empowerment and hope are profoundly contemplated.  From the opening title track, “Alone With My Thoughts”, you can’t argue with the tremendous beats and Authintic’s amazing flow when he spits, coupled with the raw honesty.

“Self Worth” comes up next, and sees the rapper run himself through an introspective catharsis, before the haunting piano notes of “Misfit” offsets an abrasive vocal delivery as Authintic exclaims: “I’m a weirdo, I’m a freak. I’m totally content with being a misfit. I’m not perfect, I’m the first to admit, but I’m the last guy that this world will submit.”

Moving on, you’ll catch the cinematic sonic build of “No Me” which affronts the theme of dealing with kids growing up. “Tomorrow” looks at the reality of future aspirations in a demoralizing world, and “Le Em Go” is a father’s perspective on a growing daughter and son, and the perils they may face in future relationships. In a way this powerful song attempts to warn of the vulnerable emotional framework we are equipped with when dealing with sentimental experiences.

“Contained” explains how Authintic finds solace and empowerment through making music, and not through using it simply as tool to garner riches and fame. It’s a cathartic experience for him, and almost a necessary one. One thing is constantly apparent on this album. Authintic does a great job of working his personal life into his music and keeping everything earnestly relatable.

The final tracks – the beautifully rhymed and sung acoustic-guitar driven ballad “Broken”, and the piano-dominated “Solitude”, which tracks the destruction of a relationship and the lessons to be learned from it, brings a completeness to Authintic’s story, and is the perfect ending to an immaculate album. By pouring real emotion into each song, “Alone With My Thoughts” is creatively deep enough to push Authintic from underground rapper straight into the limelight.


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