“How Can I Believe” is everything Anne Marie Bush does well, wrapped up in one song!

The new single “How Can I Believe” co-written & co-produced by the Danish artist Anne Marie Bush in her own studio in Copenhagen, represents yet another distinct musical journey for Bush. This is a beautiful, classic sounding, adult-orientated, contemporary pop ballad that is perfectly arranged and produced, musically balanced, and displays the incredible writing and vocal talent that is Anne Marie Bush. The lyrics, the melody, and even the tasteful, uncluttered arranging make this something special. It is an excellent follow-up to her recent single, “Running Wild” (May 2020) which she wrote, recorded and produced in her home studio, and which is still spinning on over 30.000 radio stations worldwide.

“On ‘How Can I Believe’, I wanted to get back to the classic roots of my career, where I stripped down the production to a minimum, underlying and understating the emotions and the message of the song. It’s one of those big emotional songs typically written and performed by the grand piano,” explains Anne Marie Bush. “My co-writer and I wrote and recorded the song in 1 session, and we kept the first take and mixed it up with additional keys, strings, a beat etc.,” she concludes.

This surprise release by Anne Marie Bush is one of the defining musical moments of the closing of 2020. Now that I’ve listened to it more than I’d like to admit, I can say without hesitation that “How Can I Believe” stands out as a perfect fit for a wide audience. This song is everything Bush does well wrapped up in one song – crystalline vocal tones, impeccable diction, and sweeping emotion.

As a result of these aforementioned stylistic techniques, the song stands out as one of the best in Anne Marie Bush’s catalog. The story itself, is one that music has successfully offered us through time – reflecting on a relationship and afflicted feelings, and with a strident chorus like, “How can I believe in love without you. How can I go on now that you are gone,” the table is set for a dramatically moving tale that will draw compassion from anyone who has ever loved and lost.

Anne Marie Bush’s emotional plea in “How Can I Believe” will be deeply felt and understood by a huge empathetic audience. These are feelings that few have not experienced, and Bush conveys them with pure sentiment, but without sappy melodrama. Her voice is poised and powerful, her passion and pain, clear and undeniable. Anne Marie Bush has outdone herself lyrically, vocally, and her maturity as a storyteller is evident in this track.

No matter how much credit you may have given Anne Marie Bush in the past for all the work she has done in various styles and formats, this more stripped down, singer-songwriter aesthetic, finds her in an absolute comfort zone where her voice is allowed to excel. If you like your love ballads realistic, then the candor that renders “How Can I Believe” sincerely credible and deeply affecting, will win you over on the very first listen.

Across a luminous arrangement, Anne Marie Bush’s writing, alongside Jesper Mejlvang, is excellent – the stuff of which obsessive listening is built. The melody is sturdy, as Bush conveys depth with heartfelt cadences and saddened, questioning inflections. Anne Marie Bush knows how to sing those moments and make them so relatable.

MORE ABOUT ANNE MARIE BUSH: Anne Marie has been engaged to several international projects as a songwriter and vocal coach, mainly in L.A, where she was based for 8 years. As an artist Anne Marie has released her own singles, EPs and music videos via her record label, AMB Records, and has made it to the hit single sales charts, and the dance charts for several years. Anne Marie has aired on most of the Nationwide TV shows and radio shows in Denmark, as well as indie radio stations all over EU, Asia and US. Anne Marie has several songs released with major selling artists on different albums worldwide. She has also worked with the elite in the music business, such as Narada Walden, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Victor Merrit, Michael Caruso, Greg Phillinganes, Robert Palmer, Peter Roberts, Terry Wollman, Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Britney Spears, Brian Mann, Richard Niles, Ken Larish etc.


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