Lyndon Rivers – “Your The Reason” – an ambrosial, beguiling love fantasy

Lyndon Rivers has one of the most creatives mind’s in his field of craft. It has always been the anchor for the music the electronic music producer has made until now. It is the reason why, even in his oddest moments, he remains listenable and enjoyable. Rivers has been exercising his craft for many years now, always experimenting, sampling, blending, mixing and mashing, to turn out expressive, hybrid electronic sounds, meant to pound the dancefloor or set the airwaves alight. On the rare occasion his creativity shapes a downtempo chillout pop track, to ignite the atmosphere and thrill the emotions. His latest, “Your The Reason”, has to be his best piece of introspective work ever.

The warm and watery synths gently buzz in your ear, the whispery vocal tones swirl around your head like glowing fireflies. Suddenly, the husky, honey-filled tones of the alluring female vocals elevates, rising with intensity, teasing and taunting the listener. All at once, you’re no longer inside your own head anymore; you’re in an ambrosial, beguiling love fantasy designed by Lyndon Rivers.

By far the producer’s most intimate and lavish recording to date, “Your The Reason” offers up a gateway into the mind of Lyndon Rivers as he takes listeners to their innermost sentimental thoughts. Gooey electronic lulls drench the track’s afflicting narrative of evocative romance.

The track exudes the intensity of a midsummer night’s dream, drawing on suggestive thoughts and unforgettable experiences. The vocals purred over noir basslines and shifting pads, oozing sensuality. It should come as no surprise that Lyndon Rivers has changed directions once more for his new release – it seems he does that between almost every release – but the extent to which he goes in this direction may startle some.

Lyndon Rivers is one of those special music makers that truly reinvent themselves with each release. Rivers’ all-embracing production experience has resulted in a highly focused, acutely well-made result. There is a soft urgency, yearning and sensuality to this music that sounds like no one else. This is catchy as hell too. Everything sounds coated in a sheen of transparent silk that unfolds smoothly, with some of the most consistent composing of Lyndon Rivers’ career.

“Your The Reason” acknowledges Lyndon Rivers’ adventurous musical past while being another rewarding stage of his evolution altogether. Rivers has always shined brightest with the beats bumping behind the vocals. Now he shows that he is just as much at home with airy vocals and pulsating, oscillating glimmers of sound in the background.

As mentioned previously, Lyndon Rivers is no stranger to reinvention, experimentation or shifts in artistic direction, however the level to which he has adhered to this latest sonic concept on “Your The Reason” is to be noted.

The record’s main strengths lie in its production restraints, and in the singer’s inimitable talent for curling her sultry voice around the melody. In any case, this is a track that captivates and mesmerizes with impeccable catchiness from start to finish.


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