Artem Cithara (ft. Janet A) – “Keep The Balanze” – characterized by good vibes and a killer dance groove!

The can be no doubt, when Artem Cithara (producer, composer), and Janet A (vocals, lyrics and melody) hit their stride, the result is a quality EDM/Pop track. “Keep The Balanze” sounds absolutely immense – a huge, beat-driven stomp with an insanely catchy chorus. It sounds like a statement of intent – a steady build up before exploding into a monstrous synth and drum-heavy anthem, which works quite beautifully. For most, there isn’t a lot to sink your teeth into when it comes to dance or pop music, and not surprisingly so: usually these genres lend themselves to simplistic and superficial creations. It’s hard to create something worthwhile, but still be marketable to the masses, and that’s where I feel Artem Cithara and Janet A are a breath of fresh air.

Janet A

Producer Artem Cithara is accustomed to collaborating with various artists, but this is the first time he has worked with Janet A. The two sound in total affinity and the chemistry comes through the music. “Keep The Balanze” adds another, confident, and ultimately successful, tweak to Cithara’s already brilliant up-tempo club sound from previous releases.

I do believe that “Keep The Balanze” is easily one of the best crossover EDM/Pop efforts we’ve seen this year, and certainly one of the most profound, stylized efforts as a whole. Janet A voice is at its very best here; sounding both sweet and sincere, while soaring high above the arrangement. Synths and hand-claps join the fray to finish off this clear highlight fantastically.

“Keep The Balanze” sounds like it is the perfect example of what the singer and producer were aiming for; a seamless combination of dancefloor power and electro-pop catchiness as practically possible. Co-writing the song, Janet A is clearly a talented singer and writer with an abundance of potential. Furthermore, her voice has the sound of ambition. All the while, her lyrics are efficient and genuine.

As “Keep The Balanze” progresses, the synths and driving beat provided by producer Artem Cithara plays a large role in the outcome of proceedings. As always, with Cithara, the promise of something spectacular and memorable is just around the corner.

Artem Cithara

Going back to what he does best, the irresistible beat will have your hips swaying in no time. The urge to dance increases with every bar. “Keep The Balanze” is that rare track that does exactly what it purports to do.

Set to a stomp-and-clap beat that asserts itself from the get-go, the breezy collaboration makes the most of Janet A’s talents, Artem Cithara is an undeniably talented producer, and “Keep The Balanze” gives him the chance to do what he does best – produce – while allowing Janet A to elevate his work and deflect some attention from the man behind the boards. Janet A is alive with melodic bounce – capturing the sunnier side of her pop sensibilities.

The production on “Keep The Balanze” is superb, characterized by good vibes and a killer dance groove. Apart from the vocals, synths and pianos, among the best moments are the brief but catchy, glorious brass hooks. Once more, Artem Cithara’s production is top-notch and serves as the perfect catalyst for Janet A to show off her skills. Wherever in the world it is summer, right now, this should be your go to anthem.

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