Min the Universe – “Westworld Reanimated” retains all of its cinematic flare!

NYC-based emerging EDM producer Min the Universe stepped onto the dance music scene in 2020 with the release of his first single, “Find Your Summer” (feat. Alex Holmes). He has since been featured in dozens of playlists, aired on radio stations, and has been hard at work preparing his next original release: “Westworld Reanimated”.

Inspired by the hauntingly beautiful sounds of composer Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Iron Man), Min the Universe wanted to interpret the memorable melodies of Westworld using modern EDM sounds interwoven with his signature intergalactic sonic tapestry. The track’s storyline features the timeless conflict (and coexistence) between light and dark, good and evil, human and machine.

The result is something that feels a just as atmospheric and impacting in tone, but a whole lot more complex and cutting edge in sonic dynamics. The track still clings to those staple Westworld melodic ideas, while morphing and distorting, into futuristic dubstep growls and twists, which perfectly fit the new audio style conceived by Min the Universe.

The combination of the original concepts of the soundtrack with Min the Universe’s reanimating creativity, delivers a stunning evolution of the intention behind the score, which gains in momentum and innovation. Through synthetic instruments, Min creates a sonic storyline which retains all of its cinematic flare while taking listeners towards the epic soar of electronic instrumentation.

Emotive strings clash against decisive powerful percussive interjections, while spiraling synths weave their way across the throb of warm pads. All of which amplify the emotional intensity of “Westworld Reanimated”. Moreover, they blend together to create a musical landscape that pulses with kinetic energy. Through this musical language you will become completely absorbed into the world of Min the Universe.

“Westworld Reanimated”, with its unique builds and intricate textures, exemplifies Min the Universe’s attention to detail and appreciation of musical mathematics. The song is sure to hit hard with electronic music lovers and fans of the series everywhere.

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