Caviar Cam – “ICEMAN” blossoms into its peak, track after track!

Caviar Cam is an artist from Detroit Michigan, who started releasing music in early 2020. He writes, records, and engineers his own music. People flock to music like that created by Caviar Cam because it’s entertaining and just tough enough to make anyone feel like a complete badass when it blasts through their headphones. His latest offering, the 12 track “ICEMAN” is an admirable effort at developing a stronger presence in the world of rap that features great production and a plenty scattered moments of brilliance.

Over and above his lyrical and storytelling game, Caviar Cam has undeniable star power and a strong ear for production, all of which he manages to unpack in 30 minutes on “ICEMAN”. Using vivid lyrics, hypnotic deliveries and mesmerizing mid-tempo grooves tempo, Caviar Cam creates vibrant dispatches of daily street hustles, career grinds and bedroom jams.

“Dealing With Myself” is a blistering intro with stuttering hi-hats and brooding bass perfect for bruising speakers. The track reflects on Caviar’s inner state of being. “How do I deal with you, when I got to figure out how to deal with myself,” exclaims the artist, on the track.

Up next is the title track, and slow booming bass banger, “ICEMAN” ft. Young Memo, who throws a little Spanish rap into the mix, to match the acoustic guitars for an exotic flavor.

“Baggies and Baddies” forges a head-nodding beat enhanced by a melodic flute motif and the nuanced, mesmeric flow Caviar Cam applies to the song. By the time you hit play on the driving beat of “Pro Tools”, you’ll already be convinced of his smart wordplay and ability to ride these beats effortlessly.

All throughout this project it almost sounds like Caviar Cam is rapping directly in your ear, which is definitely intentional as his voice is as much of an instrument as the beat. This is evidenced on the cinematic and beautifully orchestrated “Rollin”, and absolutely proven on “Doing Her Dance” where he is right up close to the mic.

All of which which brings me to another highlight. Caviar Cam’s voice so crystal clear on these tracks, you can understand every single word he raps – an absolute surprise in the modern game.

Caviar Cam’s essence exudes confidence, and his music blossoms into its peak, track after track. He translates his drill influences so well into his work, while making it innovative and inclusive of the sound of today’s hip-hop. This continues to emerge powerfully on “Fuck Yo O.G” and the self-empowering “Gumbo Freestyle”. “Clean 2x” f. Austin Miles comes across as an honest account, and it is this realness that propels the song psyche.

Moving forward, Caviar Cam continues to showcase his meticulous application in creating lusciously layered beats with a richly organic slant. On “Killy” he flaunts some sweet jazz guitar samples, while “Topless Freestyle” ft. Wavy, flips the template to a funky piano-driven beat with a whole lot of bounce.

“Love Is Real” ft. 420twon uncovers a catchy and twisted melodic hook, while Caviar Cam’s diligent flow and intense wordplay never lets up. No doubt, the tracks he composes are a testament to his strengths.

All tracks on this “ICEMAN” project, embodies fresh patterns and layers, with intricate instrumental embellishments, doing justice to Caviar Cam’s impressive talents, which are seemingly endless. He is by far the most compelling component on each track.

Connect with Caviar Cam on INSTAGRAM and Stream his music on SPOTIFY.

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