Lyndon Rivers – “Don’t Wanna Go Home Yet” – a powerful melody, and a kinetic and rhythmic soundscape

There are not a great number of producers who are carving a place in underground dance music with such consistent frequency, as Lyndon Rivers. He has just released his latest single “Don’t Wanna Go Home Yet”, and it is clear that Rivers has again graciously poured every piece of himself into the venture as he lifts his watermark of quality one more time. With a catalog of timeless triumphs, which include “Living In a Heart of Glass”, “You’re the Reason” and “Don’t Wait Until Your Future Comes” the producer has solidified his identity as a maverick of EDM music.

Though it is no secret that Lyndon Rivers often deviates from his strictly dance music persuasion, what his tracks may lack in the inclusion of the things that contribute to that dancefloor persuasion,  is made up for with top rated-tier production, creative artistry, stunning features and a daring pop heart. On “Don’t Wanna Go Home Yet”, Rivers mixes in his entire deck of cards. Meaning, you’ll get both the dancefloor groove and the pop vocal soar.

Not coincidentally, “Don’t Wanna Go Home Yet” frames Lyndon Rivers’ great top quality output as much more deliberate and intentioned than just about anything he has ever introduced to us before. Functioning with all the bells and whistles, including vocoders and a stunning lead vocal melody and execution that carries the song to a higher level.

There are crystal clear separations in between producers who deliver tracks just for the sake of putting out new audio and the producers who put their heart and soul into an undertaking. Mixing heartfelt lyricism and captivating vocals with Lyndon Rivers’ most refined sound yet, “Don’t Wanna Go Home Yet” belongs to an innovative craftsman who can most undoubtedly be labeled as such.

For EDM and Pop fanatics there is no denying that “Don’t Wanna Go Home Yet” is significantly the most intricate and perfectly-generated body of work that Lyndon Rivers has put forth in his extensive series of releases.

His focus on the mixing, the effects, the energy and the all-round nuances of the sound, is in excess of his most popular records. This song allows listeners to take pleasure in the more meticulous side of River’s craft.  He has long garnered my admiration as a humble man who works hard on every endeavor he undertakes.

“Don’t Wanna Go Home Yet” leans heavily on a powerful melody, a kinetic and rhythmic soundscape, as well as a carefully selected vocal collaboration that explodes with brilliance. Despite the fact that this song towers tall above even the producer’s most gratifying tracks, the significant aspect of this latest endeavor is the knowledge that Lyndon Rivers is only beginning his sonic evolution here. There is still so much more to come from this man.


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