G.Whyte has stepped onto the scene with his style of real sensual bedroom vibes

Imagine being in a R.ed R.oom. The color is not just emotionally intense, it is the manual to M.ental I.ntamacy. As you follow the lead of your K.ama S.utra, your blood pressure slightly raises. As you cross the room, your heart rate increases while the 808’s blur your vision. Welcome, welcome to the B.oom B.oom R.oom. Inspired by the likes of Tank, Musiq Soulchild, Ne-Yo and John Legend, Albany, NY native, G.Whyte, has stepped onto the scene with his style of real sensual bedroom vibes.

When asked how you get to Red Room from being a choir director, G.Whyte states, “I felt free to be able to express myself in another direction”. G.Whyte is currently writing and back in the studio. Amid talks of a R.ed R.oom duet EP with female vocalists, the singer/songwriter states that he is just scratching the surface of his passion and ideas for music. “If you rock with R.ed R.oom, then Believe in Me”!


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