Quad – “DOMESTICATED PARADISE” showcases the cerebral core of the rapper

Quad’s most apparent asset, readily present on his  EP “DOMESTICATED PARADISE”, is his extremely competent technical ability, which pays dividends when paired with the lavish production, elevating him above most of his peers with ease. “Music is everything to me and I want to be the best. Versatility and timelessness is the goal every time,” states the artist, confirming his goal and ambition.  Colin ‘Quad’ Costello is a rapper and producer from Chicago, IL. Born in 2000, Quad grew up inspired by Drake, Frank Ocean, Kanye West and Mac Miller. These influences heavily impact “DOMESTICATED PARADISE”, which is Quad’s 4th EP. The project, involving 7 producers and 3 vocal artists, took 4 years to complete.

Quad may be one of the lesser known names leading the pack of really great rappers in the modern game, but one listen to “DOMESTICATED PARADISE”, and you’ll find yourself rummaging through any and everything that he’s done so far, as his releases are infectious and jaw-dropping to say the least. The opening track “FEELINGS” alone, is a powerful indicator of the direction to come.

Quad is one of the most passionate rappers with such a smooth flow, and what makes him even more special is how he goes about dealing out his commentary with plenty of nuanced vocal deliveries and lushly layered beats. His bars backed by a soulful piano show why he’s so good and every ounce of promise is fulfilled here. There’s also an ethereal guitar melody at hand, with the keys providing a haunting backdrop to go in on.

“INDEED” adds to that previous focus, but also, further separates Quad distinctly from his contemporaries. It’s more fresh, and full of conviction, playing off the fire of the bassline and percussion it packs inside.  The way the melody and the syllables flow, on “CRAZY”, is both so cool and so intense, never skipping a beat. It showcases the cerebral core of the rapper and reminds you that he really is an outstanding storyteller.

“LOST” is another sign that Quad is able to effortlessly combine substance with style, displaying another major strong-point of his game. He can make a mellow vibe, cut just as fast and deep as any aggressive or anxious rap delivery. A rare and prestigious quality that you really need to absorb. It is an asset he re-proposes with great success on “FHYF” ft. Luke V & Von.Go.

“FIRST SHOW” presents Quad at his peak, with his slow, moody and soulful flow, making clear the control he has over the beat and how methodically he forms his verses in irregular musical patterns.

Quad’s music is its own blend of ingredients, and it is stunningly captivating, steadily weaving its sonic web around your aural senses. Throughout “DOMESTICATED PARADISE”, Quad demonstrates that he is capable of creating fully crafted and well-thought out tracks.

Quad is easily one of the more slept on powers in the rap community, he is currently bubbling underneath the surface of the mainstream but is truly ready to breakthrough. “DOMESTICATED PARADISE” is powerful, atmospheric, soulful and an absolute earworm that should be on your playlist.


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