Erick Jhon – “Deep Waters” is brimming with heart and a whole lot of soul

Run through Erick Jhon’s playlist and you’ll fall into a swirling mash of R&B, dance, pop, hip-hop and current trap sounds. It’s almost overwhelming at times. But dive a little bit deeper and you’ll find that Erick is a man with a lot on his mind. A singer-songwriter from New York City, as well as a YouTuber, host, actor, and lead vocalist for the Latin band Odysea, Erick Jhon predominantly sings in Spanish in the band, and uses English for his solo projects.

As a solo artist he has released the singles “Bad Guy” and “Flex”, which was followed by the EP “Adventures in the Land of the Yerrr”Erick Jhon’s latest release is the single, “Deep Waters”, which became available on all streaming services on May the 1st.

“When I set out to write ‘Deep Waters’, I wanted to let people know its okay, not to be okay, and that you are not always going to have 100% perfectly happy days,” explained Erick Jhon. “The song follows the story of facing your traumas and working through them,” he continued. “It was me as the artist acknowledging that I always put on a fake happy face, and that I’m not okay, but also realizing that there is ways I can improve that. By the end of the song I give you the tips that helped me,” concluded Erick Jhon.

With May being the Mental Health awareness month, Erick Jhon felt it was the appropriate time to release the song and bring attention to this theme. The Deep Waters #breakthestigma Campaign is also meant to help break the stigma of anyone facing mental health issues. All of which is linked to the fundraising effort through NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) to help in providing services to those suffering from mental illness.

The song opens with the lines: “I’ve gone through deep waters, but the rivers didn’t drown me. I’ve gone through the fire, but the flames didn’t burn me,” which emanates an aura of hope that not all is lost when you’re suffering a trauma, and that you can find a way to a better place in your life. “They keep throwing me in the dark but I shine through,” exclaims Erick Jhon boldly.

The content is often heavy, but its Erick Jhon’s nuanced and hopeful delivery that keeps the energy and the inspiration flowing. Authenticity and emotion rule the day, as the singer-songwriter unfolds the song’s narrative, allowing pieces of his personal life to emerge: “I lost my grandma last year I never felt that pain before. Made me appreciate life 100 times more.” All the while, never forgetting to bring forth the power of his faith. “I’m protected by the lord I’m not scared of nobody.”

“Deep Waters” is a record that’s brimming with smooth rhythm and musicality, not to mention heart and a whole lot of soul. Erick Jhon brings a soothing voice, and a tune to the flow. From Erick’s mind, to pen and paper, and eventually into the studio, and your audio system, the track provides a plethora of emotions; from anguish to optimism. It showcases the cathartic songwriting process and all the meticulous detail that is put into the narrative. “Deep Waters” perfectly sums up what Erick Jhon’s talents are all about, and why fans will emotionally connect to his music.


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