B.Eveready – “#GS2 EP (Deluxe Edition)” displays a variety of emotion, confidence and energy!

If you need proof that explosive lyricism and dynamic performances still exist in modern hip hop then look no further than B.Eveready’s “#GS2 EP (Deluxe Edition)”. The born and bred in Boston, now residing in Baltimore rapper’s new EP, is a complex recording exploring hard-hitting topics across 12 mesmerizing tracks. Three years in the making, the project includes production by MG, Papamitrou, Synesthetic Nation, Makaih Beats & Hollywood J, Legion Beats, Armstead Brown, Anno Domini & DJ Pain 1, Santalus, and the legendary Ski Beatz. It also showcases features from Kxng Crooked, Metric, BigTyme, J.Charles, Mike Body, Skyzoo, and Mickey Factz.

“#Gs2” finds B.Eveready at his lyrical best, with the motivational and socially aware prophet addressing multiple topics with rapid-fire raps that will leave you reeling. B.Eveready embodies the spirit of vintage hip hop infused with raw magnetism and tantalizing wordplay which he places within beats that captures the current sonic climate and appeals to any generation.

B.Eveready tackles his subjects with the relative gravity they deserve, while never letting you forget that he can go wild on bangers, or put his wordplay on a pedestal with the best of them. B.Eveready is surgical with his delivery and execution. This is what makes “#Gs2” a force to be reckoned with. Literally every song is great and serves a purpose, whether it’s a banger, a melodic masterwork, or a lyrically conscious track.

From the moment the project opens with the motivational “#GS2 Intro” (ft. Dr. Eric Thomas), B.Eveready’s rapping is on point, his flows are diverse and slick. Moving forward to the urgent “Grind Harder pt. II” and the stunning “Always Major”, the rapper proves that he clearly has something to say, and knows how to craft music with a great ear for production to complement his lyricism.

Sonically “#GS2” is an extremely entertaining project. There is a good mix of melodic-centric motifs and hooks that blend in with the slapping drums and throbbing rhythms. In fact the instrumentals help the project stay fresh from start to finish. “I’ma Hssla” (ft. J.Charles & Mike Body) flows with a thumping beat and a soul-induced hook, while “She’s Gonna Get It” (ft. Metric), floats on a new wave chill and an R&B groove.

“Black Mirror” (ft. Mickey Factz & Skyzoo), produced by Ski Beatz, throws a blend of blues, soul, jazz and hip-hop, into an ever-evolving cauldron of inspiring rhymes. The blend of bars and melody on “Love This Life” (ft. J.Charles & BigTyme) continues to show why B.Eveready distances himself from his contemporaries. The ringing hard-hitting beat on “Grind Harder” catches you, while the rapper’s delivery instantly turns it into a great song.

“Black Hole” is another fantastic slow-burner which leads to one of the project’s highest watermarks, “Waiting To Inhale” (ft. Kxng Crooked, MC Bravado & Constantine). The rappers flow beautifully over the beat, and the hook just sticks with you.

The steady head-nodding groove on “We Are” (ft. Manny Deanda) is hypnotic, before the EP closes down with “No Love (Outro)” which features B.Eveready’s fantastic flow as well as his homage to whoever helped in the creation of this project.

Displaying a variety of emotion, confidence and energy, “#GS2” is B.Eveready’s most refined and fleshed out project to date. It proves beyond any reasonable doubt that he is an artist to seriously watch. One who has the potential to craft an even bigger and better project than “#GS2” already is!


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