LUCA DRACCAR announces new EP‘419′

The past is the present that no longer exists. The future is the present that does not yet exist. So, only the present counts. Do not waste it, because there is no return and no “satisfied or refunded”. Follow the 419 rules. In true Luca Draccar style, his latest EP ‘419’ is born from the future. Dramatic techno,and intricate electronics pave the way for this new release, based around the theme of one night stands.

Emerging from the darkness of a late-night filled with desire, ‘419’ stands for For One Night. The EP embodies this concept and plays around with soundscapes that mirror this theme. ‘419’ depicts the here and now. Devoid of the past or future, Draccar focuses only on the present, specifically the very moment of ‘419’. Creating something futuristic and visionary, this body of work explores all aspects. ‘Dadaism’ is the opening track, which begins with a gentle, sultry synth, before its uniformed drum machines drive the song, flourished with bending guitars. ‘Lippen’ interweaves voices, one that almost growls, while the other contrasts with an eerie robotic quality. Insistent drum beats are apprehensive yet thrilling. ‘Vagabondage’ begins with synth swells and imitated gun shots, before playing up to romanticized guitar riffs and bubbling bass lines.

Luca Draccar’s kaleidoscope of sounds stems from his time spent in Italian nightclubs, before later nurturing his visions amongst Berlin’s cityscape.

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