Woody Sanchez – “Faster” and “Space” – exquisite production elegance!

Woody Sanchez is one of the most forward-thinking producers on the planet, he is one of a handful of artists with the ability to single-handedly push the envelope of electronic music whenever he drops a new song. He is a copyright free / DMCA safe music producer, predominantly catering for the online content creator market. His double sided single featuring the tracks “Faster” and “Space” flexes his unmatched ability to create sultry and sophisticated melodically-influenced EDM/Pop songs, reinforcing his status as a powerhouse crossover producer. His breathtaking productions each contain the same creative dexterity, while being their own unique tour de force.

Not only does this scintillating project go above and beyond – featuring superb and soulful vocal collaborations – but it is also meticulously curated in its mixing, production and mastering. The result of which produces effortless blends of dreamy keys with atmospheric-inspired soundscapes, propelled by gently thumping percussion. Woody Sanchez’s floaty, cerebral tunes offer something new with each listen, cultivating a unique experience across each of his works.

“Faster” and “Space” positions him miles ahead of the competition, when it comes to charm and elegance. Remaining relentless with the constant propulsion of his craft, he is able to deliver at the highest level not only in his sonic endeavors, but also how he choose his vocal features. The female voice on both the aforementioned tracks is a perfect fit for the music. Soulful, subtle and sublime, it’s a voice that reaches deep into your subconscious, after it has already mesmerized your immediate senses.

The combination of the vocals and Woody Sanchez’s production is a beautiful interlacing of the hypnotic and the sensual. It literally makes your mind feel like its floating. The balladry-styled vocals, as well as the serene production work, truly paint beautiful sonic scenes. “Faster” and “Space” create completely immersive listening experiences, inviting his fans into gorgeously executed soundscapes. Matching the music, there’s a delicate quality to the verses and sense of vulnerability in the lyrics, as the songwriter manages to pack so much emotion, and so much story, into both words and music.

The production is just as evocative as the vocals, with the subtle piano and synth notes underlying verses, choruses and bridges, before the drums and rhythm escalates. On “Faster”, Woody Sanchez pulls everything back after each apex, letting the beat rebuild; it’s a well-calculated move that only increases the feeling of release once the beat grows and drops again. “Space” has a hypnotic momentum driven by distinctive drums which are center stage on this track. As always, the warm shimmering keys are never far behind.

Between all these components, the songs will enamor the ear of those who are pulled in by their exquisite production elegance. There is not a note, beat or sound that feels out of place here, as Woody Sanchez enchants with the endless stream of understated emotion he delivers. These are the kind of tracks you can listen to daily within any environment, and at any volume, to the delight of all!


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