Sueg LaPeet & Trampling Horde – “In the hour of the wolf” – a creamy flow of retro-rock that truly pleases the ear

“In the hour of the wolf” is a smear of retro grit across a vintage rock canvas, oozing with crunchy guitar riffs, flawless vocal execution that spews out pure storylines, and a smattering of solid drumming. Sueg LaPeet & Trampling Horde seamlessly fuse to create an entrancing atmosphere that’s inexplicably moving. It’s just something you have to hear for yourself.  Band leader Sueg LaPeet explains that the song is inspired from an old interview with the late film director Ingmar Bergman. “He built a house with a long corridor where he could walk back and forth and contemplating his dark thoughts in the late hours or as he said the in hour of the wolf. It’s also a song about mental illness and the way one feels when this is upon you,” concludes Sueg.

Core member Sueg LaPeet collaborates with different musicians on his projects, and together they have one goal – to make groovy vintage sounding rock n’ roll without genre boundaries, or any other boundaries for that matter, stated Sueg.

It’s hard to know where to start, too — because it’s all so good, especially if you like unpretentious rock that gets the job done without too much luff and gloss. Yet at the same time, no matter which direction you’d turn the dial, there isn’t a flaw to be seen within the boundaries of this single.

Sueg LaPeet & Trampling Horde is short on time – as “In the hour of the wolf” only last for 3 minutes – but not on creativity and craftsmanship. In the time afforded them, they plead a decent case to revive rock n’ roll.  This is a band that is very much in-tune with its mission.

Somewhere between the fuzzed-out guitar passages and the slapping drums there is a glimpse of a return of classic Brit and American rock. Most of it is talent and attitude. These guys are great, there is no doubt about that.

That opening amp crunch with a sweet reverberation is as close to perfection as an avid rock n roll listener could want. Replete with guitar flourish and strident vocal motifs, Sueg LaPeet & Trampling Horde compile a solid track that reminds aficionados what pure rock once sounded like.

Sueg and company do a great job of meshing the instruments, and as a result they deliver a creamy flow of retro-rock that truly pleases the ear. To be honest everything here is done with focused simplicity and authentic style.

On “In the hour of the wolf”, Sueg LaPeet & Trampling Horde are all about capturing the feel, the groove, the vibe, and conjuring up a great song that communicates the intended storyline. There is something to be said for breaking new ground when releasing music, but there is also plenty to note about a band that works within an existing classic framework and puts together a fresh and refined take on a well-known formula.

That’s what Sueg LaPeet & Trampling Horde achieve here. “In the hour of the wolf” is an absolute blast of a song, and provides a perfect sonic snapshot of what this project is all about.


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