John Michael Ferrari – “My Heart Can’t Breathe” pushes his sound into excellence

If you’re a casual music fan, or too young to have been seduced by an older family member’s record collection of great musical taste, John Michael Ferrari’s latest single “My Heart Can’t Breathe” is merely a masterwork of Americana soul stretched over a frame of lean rock and pop. Pour a tumbler of whiskey, twist up the volume knob sink into this foot-tapping, heartfelt groove, for a trip through some painful memories of an afflicted heart that manages to digest and acknowledge the event of loss with dignity and self-awareness.

John Michael Ferrari emerges from this supple catchy pop-rock gem with the reality of knowing better now, and understanding the heartache loss holds. His porous vocal wrings out this musical confection into a rare soul-baring confession that’s so much deeper than it appears to be at first. John has clearly been fiercely committed to excellence, pressing into his music’s roots and finding ways to challenge his gifts and his muse.

It all shows on “My Heart Can’t Breathe”. Here John Michael Ferrari has carved a sound, place and ethos that’s wholly his own. His message, which looks at a personal situation, manages to press into our conscience to make us really look at who we are, what we value, and how we square the decisions we make in life and love. In essence “My Heart Can’t Breathe” is a mid-tempo groove that unravels the stakes, the pains and the gains of loss.

For anyone clinging to the notion of something more, something true, and something built to last, John Michael Ferrari’s “My Heart Can’t Breathe”, fills that void. It’s easy on the ear, but brilliant to listen to.

There’s a natural quality here that makes the record stand out from the overproduced music that is coming these days. What you often don’t get with this kind of recording is much of a sense of light and shade – and this is where John Michael Ferrari seems to push his sound into excellence.

“I saw your picture in a photograph, I was there when you made me laugh, but it’s too late, too late for me. I’ll do my laundry in privacy. It’s too late. It’s too late,” sings John Michael Ferrari.

Gifted with masterful songwriting and a powerful voice, John knows how to write an affecting song and drive home its emotions with his distinctive, warm tone. He has truly mastered his craft, tugging at heartstrings as he evokes feelings of acceptance and nostalgia simultaneously.

When John Michael Ferrari begins to sing, his vocals are slow and weighty. It’s not until the chorus that he finally lets loose.  The straightforward purity of the music allows the listener to focus on John’s storytelling, enhancing the emotional effect of his lyrics.

“My Heart Can’t Breathe” is a testament to John Michael Ferrari’s effortless and natural delivery, and was written to be as such. John’s talent is undeniable, his appeal worthy of wide recognition, and it’s all unmistakable and captured with passion in every moment very much worthy of your attention on “My Heart Can’t Breathe”.


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