SCATTERFACE – “HEL” is wrapped up in an absolute sonic firestorm!

SCATTERFACE is a collaborative music project by Chris Techritz. Delivering a molten blend of industrial, electro, gothic, rock and metal flavors, every track in the SCATTERFACE catalog is unique and special in its own way and a very high level of artistic creativity is maintained throughout. There is nothing mediocre or boring about their music. And just when you thought this project couldn’t get any better, SCATTERFACE deliver a stunning 5 minute epic of all epics, the track, “HEL”. Based on a dark, twisted and macabre story, this song takes you on a musical journey that has an almost soundtrack like quality to it.

This is matched by the stunning cinematic music video created by Hikari Productions (Spain). On this track, songwriter and musician, Chris Techritz, is flanked by Jimmy Konsta (guitar solo), Kateryna Sushko (accordion), Nina Uzelac (cello), Lorenzo Vincenzo Nocerino (vocals).

In a song mixed and mastered by Simone Pietroforte at Divergent Studios (Italy), SCATTERFACE throws just about everything at you in this song, everything that they’re known for as far as their trademark sound, and the result is breathtaking. I think this this track shows the band at its finest hour.

Everything is in its place, the sound and production is perfect and their songwriting skills have never been better. “HEL” is a very epic sounding song with lots of rich melodic elements, some great keyboard and guitar instrumental passages, lots of thematic soloing and a very passionate and powerful vocal.

This whole track is full of mind-blowing guitar riffs that are abrasive, very technical and also beefy and heavy. It is a clear attempt to create an epic monster that reaches significant heights. Even when the song moves into mid-pace and quieter territory, it flows brilliantly and with serious quality.

But when it breaks into its high-energy sections, SCATTERFACE scale heights that drive listening sensations to the verge of vertigo. The lead vocals by Lorenzo Vincenzo Nocerino skyrockets into the stratosphere, skipping across octaves with immaculate ease. The music follows suit, with an airtight arrangement.

The musical and vocal brilliance in this project is astonishing, and “HEL” does a great job of balancing superb musicianship with songwriting alacrity, and vocal virtuosity. The writing is intelligent with excellent transitions, great dynamic movements, beautiful choruses and solid hooks that litter the song.

“HEL” is the perfect SCATTERFACE creation, mid-tempo with blazing guitar riffs, melodic hard rock at times, all the while retaining that infectious, bludgeoning industrial and metal sound that the band have made their own.

Overall, Chris Techritz and his SCATTERFACE project have come up with a terrific single that is sure to meet all the expectation and hype in their genre circles. For SCATTERFACE, the sky is really the limit when it comes to great songwriting and superb performances.

“HEL” proves just that. Everything about it is top notch, including the supporting video. This release delivers another staggering song wrapped up in an absolute sonic firestorm. “HEL” is certainly one of the best single releases of its kind in 2021.


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