The Two Spirits – “Full Circle” is a captivating and consistently intriguing listen!

The Two Spirits is a band formed in 2017 by two sisters from Dallas, Georgia. Gracie Barker, the youngest sister, sings, while Savannah Barker, the eldest, plays the keyboard and guitar. The sisters write, record, edit, and produce their own music. They experiment with several genres, developing their own distinct blends of new age, pop, and rock, with country and blues-inspired melodies and lyrics. The opening song on their album “Full Circle”, entitled “Joker”, recently secured 69th spot in the UK Top 200 rock songs on iTunes.

The Two Spirits are like a shining rainbow on music’s dismal guitar-driven future, as their music is dynamic, bright, dramatic, and highly emotional – guided by beautiful lyrics and soulful vocals.

The new album, “Full Circle” finds sisters Gracie and Savannah Barker, at the pinnacle of their creativity and artistry, with their distinctive multi-genre musical blends reaching new heights of perfection and grace. The album’s moods and nuances are only heightened by the hooky melodies and compelling vocals.

The albums with a bang of crushing bombast and a haunting atmosphere on their acclaimed single “Joker” which twists and turns in its sinister aura. “J” immediately flips the sonic template in wave of piano driven resonance and Gracie Barker’s airy vocal allure, before the guitars slide in to add a gritty substance to the proceedings. “Help Me, Help You”, puts all The Two Spirits essential elements together, for the perfect ballad recipe that really pulls at the heartstrings.

The jangling guitar is a bona fide earworm motif on “Tidal” while the rolling drumbeat is an elegant momentum-pusher. The song masterfully combines the band’s pop sensitivities with a solid indie-rock backbone to the delight of listeners.

“Crossroads” hauls out The Two Spirits’ Americana soul, and wonderfully proves that their utterly beautiful sonic world, is accompanied by genuine storytelling. It is undeniably another highlight of the album.

The stripped down “See You In The Morning (Poem)”, once more highlights Savannah Barker’s elegant piano lines, and sister Gracie’s poignant vocal cords. “Masquerade Blues” is another majestic track flourishing on Savannah’s jangling guitar and a gentle, understated ear-warming melody.

“Scars (On My Heart)” rides on a sustained rhythmic strum where the guitars trade off to make it as emotionally heavy and lofty as possible. It has an epic build, and an energetic rhythm that steadily infects the senses.

The touching piano chords and subtle vocal performance layered throughout ‘Chester’s Song’ is nothing less than mesmerizing. It is performed with a thoughtful and sensible amount of poise. The album closer, “Bleed” sticks to a similarly considerate sonic formula, which helps to push the stylish vocals and profound lyricism to the fore. Overall, the album proves to be something that will have wide appeal across a huge array of music fans.

Each track on “Full Circle” has some form of impact, be it the drive to get up and move, or the desire to sit back and have some pensive thoughts. It is a captivating and consistently intriguing listen. Gracie and Savannah Barker consistently deliver heartfelt songs that, in any other hands, could feel stale and clichéd, but under their guidance feel fresh and genuine every time.

This is where the brilliance of The Two Spirits resides. The embryonic beauty of their music, seasoned with the airy, rich, and nuanced vocals, allows the band’s sound to transcend genre boundaries.


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