Leslie Maraj – ‘Pull Up’ – emphasizes the agency of the modern-day woman

Leslie Maraj is an American born island beauty whose mother hails from Trinidad & Tobago. She currently resides in Savannah, GA with her son. During her childhood, Leslie had training in singing and dancing, and also competed in talent shows. She started to take music seriously in August of 2017 while attending Barbizon Competition, where she was discovered by Slamm Talent Management. Her EP will be released during late fall, featuring multi-platinum Producers, Dj Class (Pitbull and J Lo) @DjDebonairSamir and @theonlytrust (Chris Brown , Rick Ross), De’on (Jaded Records) and Frank Ski (WaP, Wobble With It).

Right now her debut single “Runaway” and the sophomore release “Pull-up”, are available on all major platforms. Right off the cuff, I can say that Leslie Maraj’s voice is one of the most commanding, intriguing, and soulful in the underground game.

On “Pull-Up” she manages to balance her classic, elite, God-given vocals with the modern, hip-hop-infused R&B sound. Lyrically, it’s another example of women liberating and unleashing their sexual side, which is pretty cool.

“I can make you pop. Make your soul drop. Have you fall in love with the sexual things that I can do. I wanna know what you’re expecting for tonight. Cuz I bet I can blow your mind baby,” sings Leslie Maraj, as she unfolds her risqué narrative.

Naturally, she nails it with that booming soulful voice. Those deep, robust vocals truly compel.  Linking together sexual openness with a frank take on self-empowerment, “Pull-Up” bristles with confidence, from the opening words, to through to the closing notes.

A divinely contoured, wonderfully precise experience, “Pull-Up” is an exquisite listen. Taken as individual elements, the songwriting here ranks at a high level, but there’s also an over-arching sense of purpose which allows the song to search for its place as one of the finest on modern R&B playlists. This is a record, that stakes its claim in the current scene.

“Pull-Up” dares to be bold and outspoken from a woman’s point of view, with Leslie Maraj’s perfectionist streak balanced against the warm and throbbing sonics. It’s a soothing meditation on the power of femininity, allowing Leslie’s vocals to pirouette assuredly against the beat.

A record whose internal structure feels both sophisticated and immediately engaging, “Pull-Up” thrives through its proclamation of Leslie’s sensuality. A woman speaking her truth in poetic, soulful fashion, “Pull-Up” sounds like a defining chapter for Leslie Maraj. Women deserve all, because they give all. On this point, the track is unequivocal.

Leslie is gifted with a voice that can affect boastful confidence as easily as seeking vulnerability. Here, it has a force emphasizing the agency of the modern-day woman who is unafraid to demand all forms of intimacy, and advocating for her own pleasure.

Leslie Maraj turns the overwhelming resonance of her voice into the perfect vehicle for joyous sexual liberation. In the process, she turns in a flawless performance. The production sauce only adds flavor to a song you already love the taste of. Leslie Maraj positions herself at the top of her class with “Pull-Up”.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Find Leslie Maraj on all platforms @thelesliemaraj – STREAMSYOUTUBE

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