Lay Luscious has already accomplished a lot!

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, on February 23, 1997, Lay Luscious is a Haitian-American rapper, model, musician, and LGBT influencer residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a real performer with over 9 years of professional international entertainment experience. Lay’s ability to appear stunning, be ferocious, and be confident while not allowing any of the struggles or problems she has faced to show up is what sets her apart from her opponents. Her most tough obstacle in life was being abused and stranded homeless for the majority of her childhood by none other than her biological parents. Despite the difficult circumstances she faced throughout her life, her passion, consistency, and dedication to pursuing her ideal career never changed.

In terms of motivation, she is most inspired by herself. Her real mother told her she’d never make it as a model because she was too big and short. Those comments from her mother, on the other hand, were the motivation for her since they forced her to prove to her mother that she is more than just an internationally recognized model; she is also an award-winning songwriter. Lay often has the impression that she has been able to keep her head above water for a long time without anybody knowing how hard she has fought to reach this far.

Being the poster girl, a symbol, who motivates people to achieve their goals, regardless of whether or not others share your goals and desires. You have total control over the outcome. Lay listed herself as my biggest motivator in the music industry because, even though this is only the beginning, she’d already accomplished so much as a young lady in such a professional and good manner while preserving her ideals. Lay’s also took up an award for best hip-hop songwriter in the LGBT Rising Hip-hop Star category. She worked as a producer, set designer, director, stylist, total independent investor, and casting director on her artistically amazing music video “9Lives” (check it out on YouTube: @LayLuscious).

Lay shot her first international Nike ad when she was 15 years old. She photographed the official commercial catalog for DollsKill, walked LA Fashion Week: Angel Brinks of Love & Hip-hop, & featured art exhibitions, global star, WEtv, & OxygenTv, and more, to name a few of her numerous professional endeavors. It’s survival of the fittest in a world where the streets will put you to the test, and nothing should go in the way of your success. This might mean a lot of things from a female perspective, but nothing will stop her.

Check out @layluscious on TikTok and @layluscious__ on Instagram.


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