SWENDAL – “James Brown” drops a fresh set of rules for a banging rap track!

SWENDAL’s newest single, “James Brown”, is a brief yet entertaining showing of how talented the Los Angeles producer, songwriter and rapper really is. In a quick three minutes and fifteen seconds, SWENDAL goes to town over an intuitive funky instrumental that tests his commanding mic skills and sets your feet on fire. Jangling guitars and a throbbing beat lay down the foundation for the rapper to slip and slide across with effortless ease. SWENDAL seems to be in his element on this track. Alongside the hard-hitting drums, the rapper gives a spine-tingling monologue on his prowess, while showing how powerful he is on the mic.

Hip-Hop is in the midst of a musical zeitgeist, with the rise of singles, and maybe EP’s, as valid artistic projects rather than full-length album releases. This means no more filler tracks. Everything has to hit harder to make an impression. SWENDAL distills the essence of craft into “James Brown”, firing out his verses with a fierceness and swagger.  If you’re new to SWENDAL, this single is a taste of what the rest of his catalogue has to offer.

SWENDAL has a classic approach to a verse, making it clear that there is no dearth of creativity at play here, and a clear respect for hip-hop’s core elements. His impeccable flow and lyrical ability cannot be contested, nor disputed, and his willingness to abscond from modern rap’s comfort zone sets him apart from the crowd.

It’s also great to see SWENDAL replicate the virtuosity of his legendary peers, which he displays over this tried and true groove-inducing production. Plus, it must be said that “James Brown” never ceases to engage the listener. The context of its placement in the broader SWENDAL catalog timeline certainly shows his growth over the years. “James Brown” feels like an extension of preexisting quality releases from SWENDAL.

It’s as pertinent and timeless as his personal odyssey in the game. The magnetic chemistry between the beat and the rapper is both intricate and effortless, proving once more, why SWENDAL is peerless at this point of his career.

On its own merits, “James Brown” is a captivating listen that seeks to show us new dimensions of familiar terrain. Armed with an authentic retro flavor soul and funk flavor that is unparalleled in the current rap and hip-hop game, SWENDAL is operating at the peak of his powers on this single.

“James Brown” has the sound of a track that could go down as an underground classic. Over ringing guitar tones and a James Brown loop, SWENDAL drops a fresh set of rules for a banging rap track.

“James Brown” is undoubtedly some of SWENDAL’s best work and shows him to be an OG at all levels. He lays down a stellar performance to illustrate every inch of his skill and vibe on “James Brown”, and when SWENDAL utters, “I’m the new James Brown. You know how I get down?” as if the answer is staring you straight in the face, you know he is here to kill the game.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://songwhip.com/swendal  – @swendal7 on all platforms

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