B’zurkk – “Live” – another example of his distinctive and hybrid sound!

Over the last year, Eric Garcia aka B’zurkk’s trademark confidence has won him a lot of fans – and for good reason. With a unique sound and lyrical ability to match, he’s carving out his own sound. From a whisper to a growl, his flow is dynamic and intense. His storytelling nuanced and dramatic. Every year, we see emerging names making waves in the scene; B’zurkk has to be among the frontrunners of the underground surge.  His music intentionally shows his unwillingness to be boxed. His distinctive, hybrid sound seamlessly pieces together alternative flavors channeling the rawness of voice and his experiences.

B’zurkk possesses the rare quality of mysticism. You never know quite enough about him personally to discuss anything else except his craft. One of his most underrated traits is how he feels like someone you might know and converse with. He has always offered something a little different in his songs that sets each one apart from another. B’zurkk’s latest track, “Live”, is one of his most blunt and outspoken deliveries yet, all spiced up with well-placed expletives.

Unraveling his thoughts, and wearing his emotions on his sleeve, his controlled growl suggests there’s serenity on the surface, but dive deeper and there’s plenty of turbulence under it. B’zurkk has an unequaled ability to emanate two very different energies in his material – an effortless cool, and the knack of sounding hard and gritty while doing it, or the other around, whichever you prefer. It’s what makes him such a potent talent.

Its a power allowing those who wield it the ability to convince others of their words and feelings. In “Live”, B’zurkk synthesizes everything he has learned from his music into a style that is more singular than ever.

He finds innumerable pockets in the beat, switching effortlessly from double-time acrobatics to a slow conversational warble. It all feels intimate and effortless, as though the sounds are being projected directly into your headphones from the inside of B’zurkk’s brain.

The bass booms and the hi-hats and snare crackles, grounding the humming keys and chiming guitars moving gently in and out of phase. It’s beautiful, resonating stuff. When he’s operating at such peak capacity, B’zurkk demands your attention.

B’zurkk hasn’t done much to keep his music in conversation with everything else that’s happening in rap right now. He really doesn’t have to, or even want to. Instead, he is heading straight down his own lane and drawing fans along for the ride.

There is no disputing that B’zurkk is a force to be reckoned with. Thematic variance, depth and diversity, are qualities he has been displaying for quite some time. His words were already deep and descriptive. Now on “Live”, they’re just flowing out naturally like a stream of consciousness. The best voices in the game deserve to be heard, and B’zurkk is one of those voices.

An elite delivery, unrelenting authenticity and incredible penmanship are just some of the traits that maintain his standing in the underground. B’zurkk is simply one of the most distinctive voices in rap right now, so my expectations for his project are understandably very high. And he delivers each time.


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