Baggalott – “Pit Stop” strikes a clever balance!

Baton Rouge’s Baggalott is out to win by any means necessary. He is further proof of the powers emerging in underground rap. Armed with a clarity that many artist of his area sometimes lack, he poetically taps into his personal tales to spit an explicit narrative on his single, “Pit Stop”. As Baggalott continues to grow and glow in his lane, this student of rhyme will be mentioned alongside big-hitters in next to no time. Building momentum via his striking flow, which is smooth and unforced, as well as his outspoken, hard-hitting lyricism, Baggalott is clearly a young man of purpose and someone who takes great pride in the craftsmanship of his art.


He is already working with a small team, and aspires to extend his reach with other artists, engineers, producers and industry professionals. Moreover, he is also available for modelling and film work. Hence, Baggalott is not leaving any stone unturned in his quest to make it to the next level.

With his single, “Pit Stop”, Baggalott emerges fully formed as an artist set apart from the pack. His wordplay is off the charts, as he gives a blunt and brazen take on the sharpness of his mindset. “Ion playstation. I rather put my dick on your xbox. She can squirt on my gotee, but don’t pull on my dreadlocks. You know I’m slangin iron, and ian talking bout no shotput. I’m crucial with the left, but Im gon sleep you with the right hook,” and those are just the opening lines, which come flowing hard and fast.

Baggalott hits with every word he spits, making them as impactful as the last. As smart as he is daring, Baggalott dedicated approach to leaves no room for error, proving almost effortless. Balancing his music with a resonant but never bombastic voice, he is carefully cultivating his future in the game. Baggalott embodies the authenticity needed to stand firm in the rap scene; he’s the epitome of the ambitious up comer, showcased through his commanding flow and effortless wordplay.

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Captivating music lovers with his snappy, explicit rhymes on “Pit Stop”, Baggalott strikes a clever balance between the classic and the futuristic vanguard. With his heady blend of lyrical dexterity, beautifully orchestrated instrumentals and expertly executed flows (all without sinking into self-indulgence), there’s no reason Baggalott shouldn’t be held up alongside many of his peers.

As all the best rappers should, Baggalott has a phenomenal ear for a beat. That, together with his electrifying rhymes, makes sure there is no shortage of sonic material for you to immerse yourself in, on “Pit Stop”.

A constant fountain of ideas, each new line Baggalott drops, brings another metaphoric phrase for you to decipher. All of the work he’s put in, as well as his bars, choice of beat and outspoken subject matter are setting Baggalott apart from many other rappers right now in the current scene

Baggalott has shown on “Pit Stop”, that he’s a one-of-a-kind talent. His hunger is clear, and failure is not an option. Now, watch his star rise. For serious inquiries, connect with Baggalott on Instagram @baggalott.


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