Experience the Musical Vision of Johnny Reed in “OCTA OR INFINITY”

The Album Takes Music Fans Where No Eye Can Follow.

“OCTA OR INFINITY”, release date January 31, 2023, is singer/songwriter Johnny Reed’s 8th solo Album. Johnny’s music takes over where Classic Rock left off and launches it into the future. You’ll feel the presence of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, CSN, David Bowie and even Hendrix, but the music is so unique, definitely quite enigmatic!

On this concept album, “OCTA OR INFINITY”, Johnny stretches his musical wings further, and flies through life in an uplifting series of musical stories. Johnny builds his songs in the studio from a few words or musical phrases, and then follows the inspiration to find the song as was the formula for the Beatles. Beatles road manager Mal Evans befriended Johnny early in his career and compared him to Paul. Johnny was in fact inspired to play all the instruments on his recordings by Paul McCartney’s bowl of cherries album.

By doing everything on the albums, Johnny has control to express himself on several levels in every aspect of the music. Johnny plays all the instruments: guitars, drums, keyboards, & vocals and loves to get lost in the passions that each one of them creates in his songs. Johnny Reed produced the album 2021–2023, and recorded it in THE MUSIC ROOM ® Studios in Redondo Beach, CA, USA.

In the past, Johnny has created many unique project experiences for major entertainment companies. Johnny was the Voice of King Kong in all merchandising for the Peter Jackson/Universal Pictures® film KING KONG. Johnny was a consultant to James Cameron on the film TITANIC, and on and on…

MP3 Album Download for OCTA OR INFINITY available on DROPBOX.


MRP@aol.com – (310) 503-1198

Johnny Reed Artist Website: https://johnnyreed.com/

Artist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejohnnyreedshow/

Artist Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnnyreedshow

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