Neventies – “Come On Down” offers a tantalizing glimpse of the sonic journey that awaits you!

Prepare yourself for an electrifying experience with the Neventies, the Milanese rock n’ roll ensemble poised to unleash their highly anticipated eponymous debut album on March 31st, 2023. Comprised of the talented Swedish guitar and vocal sensation Lars Cullin, the Italian powerhouse vocalist and guitarist Michelangelo Zampolli, the solid bassist Luigi Castrovilli, and the dynamic drummer Marco Ronconi, the Neventies exude a raw, visceral energy that is both unapologetic and captivating. Their music is a seductive blend of classic and contemporary influences, drawing inspiration from the likes of rock legends such as the Rolling Stones and David Bowie, while also incorporating the edgy sounds of modern super groups like Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, Black Keys, and Cage The Elephant. With a sound that is both familiar and fresh, the Neventies are set to shake up the music scene and leave an indelible mark on the industry.


Crafted under the expert guidance of esteemed producer Eike Freese, whose credits boast collaborations with legendary acts including Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, and Stewart Copeland, the self-produced recording was brought to life at Hamburg’s prestigious Chameleon Studios.

The album comprises a spellbinding collection of ten meticulously crafted tracks, each one a true testament to the band’s raw talent and exceptional artistry. The infectious lead single, “Come On Down”, released on February 24, is a taste of the album’s irresistible allure.

That allure, is felt straight away, on the new single. This highly explosive track does a brilliant job of showing us what we’re in for right from the word go. The rolling basslines, the chunky guitar riffs, as well as the on point drum work throughout “Come On Down”, make sure we are aware of the skill of these boys real quickly.

Regarded as one of the more somber tracks on the impending album, the song delves into the arduous battle of the central figure grappling with a loss of inspiration after losing his muse. The song’s lyrics harmoniously amalgamate with the melancholic melody to offer a window into the narrator’s psyche.

One can feel the weight of his despair and the emptiness that consumes him. The final gut-wrenching guitar solo poignantly encapsulates the overwhelming emotions of the protagonist, leaving the audience enraptured.

The album cover

The sonic palette of the Neventies boasts of unparalleled high-fidelity, owing to their deftly curated recordings at a studio ingeniously crafted by none other than the titan of microphone manufacturing, Neumann.

The meticulous attention paid to every sonic nuance is bound to allure even those with a predilection for genres far removed from their own. Rest assured, the Neventies’ music is poised to seduce the ears of the most discerning audiophiles.

Without a doubt, the Neventies are the indie rock band to keep your eyes and ears on. Their eponymous album is set to be a testament to their innate talent and unwavering devotion to music, while their single “Come On Down” offers a tantalizing glimpse of the sonic journey that awaits you.

It’s a must-listen for anyone who loves good music. Be sure to circle March 31 on your calendar because the Neventies are going to rock your world. Get ready to experience the raw power and unbridled passion of one of the most exciting bands in the scene. The Neventies are coming, and they’re bringing the energy and the vibe of rock n’ roll!


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