Feral Mothers – “Early Riser” – guitars that glisten and vocals that glow!

Feral Mothers is a noteworthy indie rock band hailing from Seattle, Washington. Comprising Jacob Kelley (guitars, vocals), Michael Haire (bass), and Will Leask (drums), this trio of talented musicians first came together as school friends in Central Washington, bonding over their shared love of music. It wasn’t long before they decided to channel their creative energies into making and recording their own music.

With their passion for nd their unique sound, Feral Mothers are seeking to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Pacific Northwest music scene, and beyond. Their dynamic instrumental performances and atmospheric vocals will earned them a dedicated following of fans, as they continue to captivate audiences with their electrifying releases.

Their latest single “Early Riser”, is not exactly a vibes record, but it carries an expansive aura of rolling basslines, slamming drums, and shimmering guitars that surrounds the airy melodies with a stellar array of tones and textures. The new single picks up where their previous releases left off, except the Feral Mothers sound is thicker more consistent and grittier than before.

The clear jangle of the guitars now has an extra layer of crunchy overdriven power on “Early Riser”, to drive the momentum of the soundscape alongside the busy rhythm section. This underscores a rich tapestry of intricate songwriting and musicianship that comes with a flourishing psychedelic edge. Sure, it’s recognizably Feral Mothers, but it feels like a brand new and better chapter, compared to their previous releases.

“Early Riser” is a song that embodies this band’s roots in the best possible way, with the guitars that glisten and vocals that glow, all smartly held together  by the cutting edge drums. Together, Feral Mothers splash fresh, invigorating hues all over their tried-and-true sonic canvas. On a large scale, their approach is tighter, louder, and more propulsive, opting for a stunning floating arrangement and maximal guitar motifs.

This record is definitely one that kept me interested throughout. “Early Riser” is a single that keeps you entertained whilst making you think as you attempt to scrutinize the slow burning lyric sheet. It delivers 4 minutes worth of rhythmic restlessness, and a fluctuating mellifluous tune, which is infectious.

It would be easy to be confused by what might be called classic indie rock these days but something about the sound that Feral Mothers have built into their songwriting, is borne of the music coming out of genuine, heartfelt emotions.

If you know Feral Mothers, then you’ll know this is their best work improved on every level by a new mix, and if you don’t know Feral Mothers there’s no better single track to start with than “Early Riser”.

As they continue to hone their craft and gain recognition for their musical prowess, Feral Mothers is poised to become a success in the world of indie rock. Keep an eye on this talented trio as they take the music world by storm.


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