SIR-VERE – ‘Lovescope’ is an innovative and remarkable album!

SIR-VERE, the revered electronica post-punk outfit hailing from Milton Keynes, have finally unveiled their highly anticipated album, ‘Lovescope’, via their own Bongo Tronic label. Despite going through several line-up changes over the years, the album is set to firmly establish the current members, as the definitive line-up. Exhibiting a wide range of moods, the eleven-track release is the band’s most accomplished and self-assured work to date, highlighting their vast and eclectic musical influences, ranging from breaks, acid and electro to indie, metal and punk.

‘Lovescope’ showcase the band’s ability to craft memorable and inspiring compositions, all while also expertly balancing the vocal prowess of Ian McEwan with the raw, punk energy of frontman Craig Hammond. SIR-VERE’s sound is also greatly enhanced by the dynamic interplay between studio chief Gary Morland (Guitars, bass, keyboards, production) and Stevie Vega (Programming, DJ remixer S-VAS), who fuse raw guitar licks, funky basslines, and other spiraling sonic eccentricities, to create a sound that is both gritty and polished.

Right from the slow burning, opening track, ‘Angel Of Death’, SIR-VERE seem stone-serious to make an impact. Often intense, the song stretches out with a haunting and shuddering scope. Drum machines pound, basslines run, and synthesizers seethe through ‘Peer Pressure’. “You have to say no, when everyone says yes. Be firm with choice. Deep in your chest. Overcome that fear of being left out. That’s peer pressure. That’ what it’s all about,” warns SIR-VERE.

‘Misophonia’ throbs with buoyant groove, while on top, a mellifluous vocal drives the earworm hooks, before SIR-VERE slide smoothly into the runaway drumbeat of ‘Bad Guy Kingdom’, and the abrasive synths of ‘Destroya’, which soon turn into crunchy cranked-up guitars for the ultimate sonic orgasm. The title track, ‘Lovescope’, rolls out slapping drums matched by taught and relentless bass notes, form a solid foundation for the diverse vocal interludes.

‘The Crazies’ maintains the insistent and boisterous rhythm section, while ‘Carousel’ shifts towards a smoother, slower and more organic soundscape with eloquent vocals and haunting harmonies. The spell is quickly broken with the brisk and brawny ‘Legion’ which ahead with fervor. This is followed by the echoing thrust of ‘Emotional Lockdown’, and ‘Bad Choices’, which closes a compelling collection of purposeful, propulsive and emotionally direct tracks.

‘Lovescope’ will be available in limited edition vinyl with a gatefold sleeve, as well as all digital formats. The vinyl edition will include the exclusive track ‘Carousel’, while ‘Killa Man’ will only be available through the band’s Bandcamp page. Moreover, SIR-VERE plans to release the ‘Lovescope’ soundtrack, a project conceived by Craig Hammond from his film script, later this year.

In summary, SIR-VERE has spent years building a dedicated following across the UK and beyond, with their remixes and tracks being enthusiastically received in South America and Eastern Europe, among other places. The band’s previous albums, ‘Psycho Ballistic Funk’ and ‘Singulus’ on Big Fat Mama Beats label, have paved the way for their ascent towards global recognition.

‘Lovescope’ is a remarkable album that cements SIR-VERE’s place as one of the most innovative and exciting acts in contemporary music. It’s not just about pumping beats, hypnotic basslines and distinctive vocals. With their eclectic and dynamic stylings, they have created a work that will appeal to music lovers of all tastes and backgrounds that have a penchant for state-of-the-art sounds.


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