Methodical Madness – ‘Inferno’ – the dangerous yet alluring aspects of desire!

Methodical Madness is a group consisting of 54 highly talented vocalists hailing from the picturesque Channel Islands of Guernsey. This musical collective made waves in the industry with the release of their highly anticipated original debut single, ‘N U M B’, which hit the airwaves on the 28th of January 2023. Methodical Madness has already made significant contributions to charitable causes, as evidenced by their first album, ‘Robots Dancing Alone’, released in 2019, which helped raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The group continued their philanthropic efforts with their second album, ‘I’ll Stand By You’, released in 2021, in memory of the late Sarah Harding, which supported various cancer charities.

The group’s latest single, ‘Inferno’, was released on March 1, 2023, and has already garnered significant attention from both fans and critics alike. With their unique blend of talent, passion, and philanthropy, Methodical Madness is undoubtedly a group to watch out for in the music industry.

‘Inferno’ is a song that explores the dangerous yet alluring aspects of desire. The lyrics describe the intense heat that comes with giving in to one’s desires, using imagery of fire and smoke to convey the idea that indulging in temptation can have serious consequences.

What stands out about this single is how aware Methodical Madness seems to be about the current state of popular music. Here they load their pop stylings with substantial EDM leanings, giving ‘Inferno’ both an anthemic and a dancefloor slant.

The rhythm is insistently infectious, as are the twisting synths and wobbly basslines. As can be expected from a collective of vocalists, the singing is top tier, with rich, emotional and mellifluous deliveries. ‘Inferno’ even leaves space for a high-energy rapped verse.

The opening line, “It’s getting way too hot in here,” sets the stage for the rest of the song, creating a sense of urgency and danger. The repetition of the phrase “Should we give in to our desire / And jump into a ring of fire” highlights the theme of temptation and the struggle to resist it. The idea of jumping into a ring of fire suggests a willingness to take risks, even if it means getting burned.

Methodical Madness also explore the idea of trust, questioning whether it’s possible to trust something as unpredictable and dangerous as an inferno. The lyrics suggest that even though desire is strong sentiment, giving in to it always comes at a cost. The reference to “George’s violin” adds a literary and historical touch to the song, as it seems to refer to the legend of musician Niccolò Paganini, who was rumored to have made a deal with the devil in order to become a virtuoso.

This allusion adds to the overall theme of temptation and the idea of making a deal with the devil in order to achieve one’s desires. Overall, ‘Inferno’ is a thought-provoking and intense song that explores the complex and often-dangerous aspects of desire.

Methodical Madness’ use of vivid imagery and literary references creates a sense of depth and meaning, making the song a powerful exploration of the human condition. For those who cherish luscious, vibrant, and thumping anthems featuring sumptuous vocal performances, ‘Inferno’ should be on your playlist.


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