Experience the Power of ‘Explore Past and Present’ by EH

Eric Hall, or simply EH, is a name synonymous with the raw energy and unyielding power of heavy metal. His latest album, “Explore Past and Present,” is a testament to his enduring influence and unwavering dedication to the genre. Redesigning the classic sounds of the beloved 80s metal scene, EH has crafted an album that seamlessly bridges the past and the present of his ever expanding catalog, delivering a sonic experience that is both nostalgic and refreshingly modern.

EH’s collaborations for this album, is a who’s who of rock and metal legends, including Ronnie Romero (vocalist of Rainbow, Elegant Weapons, Lords of Black), Scott Foster Harris (former vocalist for LA Guns), Martin Motnik (bassist for Accept), Bodo Schopf (drummer for Michael Schenker), and Rev Jones ( bass guitar for Michael Schenker, Mountain, Leslie West). Together, they create a formidable ensemble that brings “Explore Past and Present” to life with unmatched intensity and skill.

The album kicks off with an alternate version of “Let’s Get It Together,” featuring the powerhouse vocals of Ronnie Romero and mixed by Jackson Haymond who has credits for Alice Cooper’s 2022 Christmas album. This track sets the tone for what’s to come, with EH’s blistering guitar work leading the charge. It’s a reimagining that amplifies the original’s impact, turning it into an instant classic within EH’s extensive catalog.

EH’s guitar wizardry continues to shine throughout the album. Tracks like “Menacing” mixed by Ankha Nel who has Multi-Platinum and Gold awards for Audio Engineering, and “Many More” showcase his ability to blend intricate solos with heavy, riff-laden foundations, creating songs that are as complex as they are hard-hitting. The alternate version of “Annihilate,” featuring Scott Foster Harris and mixed by Sam Koop (Sound Designer for Iron Maidens Legacy of the Beast), offers a fresh take with a new rhythmic scheme that elevates its anthemic intensity and bone-crushing sound.

Instrumental tracks like “Fear Not,” “Entranced,” and “Explore” are pure showcases of EH’s guitar prowess. These songs are ferocious displays of technical skill, combining power metal, progressive passages, and shredding solos with razor-sharp precision. Each instrumental is a masterclass in heavy metal, underscoring EH’s reputation as a guitar legend in the making.

“Make a Change” features the dynamic bass work of Rev Jones, crafting an expansive rhythmic arrangement that perfectly complements EH’s theatrical playing style. Meanwhile, “Rock On Move On,” a remaster from EH’s 2011 album “Rock It,” introduces a powerful female vocalist, adding a new dimension to the track and enhancing its already formidable energy. It is however, the thunderous guitar work and relentless drumming which drives the adrenalin, allowing the vocals to become the cherry on top.

The album concludes with “Navigate,” a sublime, guitar-driven instrumental that is both melodic and ferocious. This closing track encapsulates the essence of forward thinking heavy metal – vibrant, powerful, and utterly invigorating. It serves as a reminder that this genre is more than just music; it is a celebration of strength, perseverance, and the indomitable human spirit.

Following the critically acclaimed “Fierce” was no easy task, but “Explore Past and Present” rises to the challenge. From the opening track to the final note, the album is a masterful display of heavy metal brilliance. EH has not only surpassed his previous work but has also set a new standard for the genre. Every track on this album serves a purpose, contributing to a cohesive and exhilarating listening experience.

“Explore Past and Present” is a must-listen for any hard rock and metal fan. With ten tracks of absolute rock radiance, it is a pleasure from the first needle drop, inviting listeners to dive deep and discover new depths with each listen. EH has once again proven that he is not just a musician but a guitar metal god, forging his path and inspiring the next generation of rockers.







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