Ky’Lee: “Ride or Die”

Ky’Lee (formally known as Kydadon) is a 19 year old hiphop artist based in Queens, New York. Ky’Lee formed the Boss Don Music Group, at the age of seventeen enabling him and his label-mates/partners to express their unique talents. “Destination: Fame”, was the first solo mixtape released by Ky’Lee in 2013. After a year of releasing singles and remixes, in 2014 Ky’Lee released his first EP entitled “718”.

Quite possibly the coolest rapper in the game right now with his laid back demeanor and quiet confidence, Ky’Lee delivers his single entitled “Ride or Die”. He has managed to channel his talents to create a well put together body of work, including a sublimely produced visual, captained by Tyrhiek Fann, Isis. B, Ky’Lee & Cory Hill. Ky’Lee glides through this recording with such a cool and confident ease that you barely realize that he’s really spitting on this track. The flow is perfect.

kylee-coverWith his strong lyricism beginning to evolve, this Queens emcee delivers to his audience a consistent effort. He weaves his way around a soulful minimal beat with strong background harmonies. Aside from the explicit lyrics, Ky’Lee seems to aim this track into more of the mainstream part of the rap genre. Yet, at the same time, he never compromises his talent just to suit the main stream audience, keeping a hard, cutting edge to his lyrics.

Ky’Lee’s ability to use genius-like metaphors and custom street slang helps make this track relatable on many different levels. In other words, he does just enough to acquire street cred, and holds back enough to not be labeled gangsta. Ky’Lee has put serious balance and effort into “Ride or Die”. He didn’t just go in and throw a single together and expect people to like it. This track has him definitely going in the right direction.

There’s a certain style about Ky’Lee that will most definitely draw people to him. Overall, Ky’Lee does a great job with “Ride or Die”. The track provides on-point production with his well-developed lyricism


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