Lettrice Lawrence: “Get Outta My Way” and “My Man”

Lettrice Lawrence is a multitalented and versatile, neo-soul, gospel, classical and jazz artist.  She has collaborated and performed as a solo artist and backup singer for many major names in the music industry including Barbara Streisand, Ralph Johnson (Earth Wind and Fire), Mopreme Shakur, Clifton Davis, Anthony Parnther (South East Symphony), Albert McNeil, Charles Dickerson and many others. Lettrice’s catalog hosts many genres and styles but the one common description that can be found on her songs, is ‘inspirational’, and that’s probably the easiest way to sum up her music.

Lettrice-Lawrence-my-manDuring April, 2016, Lettrice Lawrence released her single, “Get Outta My Way” through Shine On Records – a joint venture of their artists, with the backing of music industry professionals. The track is available on iTunes, Amazon and other major music retailers. “Get Outta My Way” can also be previewed and ordered at VIBEDECK.

A music teacher and vocal trainer Lettrice shows an enormous amount of range on this funky-soul track, vocally and lyrically. Not to mention, the people who recorded and produced it. Clearly, there are real people in a studio playing music, not just some dude chilling in front of a laptop, mixing beats.

If you just took the time to sit and listen to Lettrice’s words – which can be understood without looking them up on the internet – you would realize that “Get Outta My Way” is filled with as much uplifting love, joy, human awareness, and depth as anything else she has ever done.

Those of you who claim to love real music, listen to the music that is put out here. Listen to the rhythm, the arrangement, the lyrics, the vocals, and the soul underneath it all. Listen with your heart, mind and your soul. Don’t cheat yourself by closing yourself off from what the music can make you feel or think.

Lettrice-Lawrence-Get-Outta-CoverIn an industry full of R&B posers who ride the latest hooks and studio gimmicks and rely on ghost writers to carry them to glory, Lettrice Lawrence has once again proven herself to be a breath of fresh air. A former music director at Marina Christian Center and House of Prayer Global Ministries, Lettrice brings forth that reverberating old-school vibe which is filled with lots of soulful melody and harmonizing.

Lettrice’s voice is gorgeous, pliant and humanly human. She can sing loud, soft and anywhere in-between. Furthermore Lettrice Lawrence’s poetry is down-to-earth, relative, inspiring, thought-provoking, exhilarating, poignant, and comfortable – as can be savored on this track, as well as on her other single, “My Man”.

These two songs alone cover a wide spectrum of emotions and evoke indelible images in our minds, of family, friends, and loved ones. Like the greats before her, Lettrice Lawrence does not just sing songs. Her dedication to her craft is quite obvious and she paints an unforgettable tapestry of life with each single performance!


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