RadaR: “The Wavelength Vol. One” – brings back a new wave of music to the alternative rock arena

Charles Maven, a visual artist, keyboardist and singer, based out of the DC Metro area, is hard at work on his project called RadaR, started in 2014, together with fellow musicians, Robzie a Jamaican/Panamanian drummer and percussionist, as well as guitarist Jay, a multi-instrumentalist with a decade of experience. Charles and Robzie have also had the pleasure of working with the likes of Ghian Wright and Niko Bolas, both multi-talented and Grammy-winning producers/engineers.

RadaR has just launched their new EP, “The Wavelength Vol. One”, as well as the single, “Confidence”, taken from the same recording. RadaR is certainly one of the most unique bands working in music today. They are one of those bands you know has to be comprised by a bunch of eclectic and indiscriminate music fans.

Hints of an astonishing range of musical artists seem to peek out from behind their various songs. They have obviously been very capable of drawing from those resources, while creating some grippingly exciting new songs. Sometimes the results are simply jarring, as RadaR is constantly bringing in new sounds in their melodic-dripping songs.

Te new EP cover artwork
Te new EP cover artwork

Being eclectic is not a guarantee of being especially good. In fact, it could lead to a dissipation of creative energies into such a variety of directions that a band could lack any musical focus whatsoever. Luckily, RadaR manages to be amazingly musical while crafting startling songs.

The musicality, the marvelous lyrics, the passionate vocals, and the hooks make every song memorable. And virtually every song is indeed a delight. As happens with most other exceptional recordings you don’t ever want any of the songs to end, and yet when they do and the next song begins, you are equally as happy with it.

RadaR has brought back a new wave of music to the alternative rock arena. Their musical package is electronic, its electric rock and its percussively very rhythmic.  Charles Maven has a very insightful, existential perspective on life, so the lyrics are really interesting to explore and the music compliments them brilliantly. But among all these driven rhythms and epic walls of sound, the factor that really stands out is the strong, awe-inspiring melodies and soaring choruses.

These are what really make the songs identifiable and memorable. I mean how could you possibly forget the melodies on tracks like “Give Up On The Now”, “Confidence” and “Rage”? You’d have to be suffering a serious hearing impairment if you do!

Moreover, “Confidence” and “Rage” also offer a perfect showcase for the power of the RadaR instrumentals, from the keyboards to Robzie’s drums, and Jay’s biting electric guitar tones. Charles Maven’s vocals is obviously another of RadaR’s greatest strengths. Overall, the ebb and flow ( and it’s a lot more flow than ebb!) of this album made me hopeful again that music could actually mean something more than a flashy video or a cheap marketing ploy.

I’d just about given up on modern rock when I stumbled upon RadaR, but now I can see there’s light at the end of the tunnel. “The Wavelength Vol. One” is beautifully produced and arranged. Without a doubt, this is a magnificent alternative-rock creation inspired by truly talented musicians.


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