NVRMND: “Dropin Tabs Then Spittin Bars” L.S.D. – a journey of emotional highs and lows

Ozark, Arkansas rapper, NVRMND who has just dropped the mixtape “Dropin Tabs Then Spittin Bars” L.S.D., says: “I have taken a couple wrong turns and ended up exactly where I want to be!” This mixtape is different from the standard hip hop album (which usually consists of 2 good songs between 8 awful tracks).

This one works the other around. Each track here is extremely well produced, with diverse beats (and producers) and intense lyrics. Offbeat, trippy and sometimes even wacky in its delivery, the lyrical content tells a set of great stories. It’s not just another rapper singing about the usual generic topics.

NVRMND-Profile-2It is a personal journey that NVRMND walks you through, holding your hand the whole way, and the amount of things he succeeds on with this recording is very high.

This isn’t your run of the mill rap mixtape. It is full of lyrical genius, progressive and dynamic music, and deep thought provoking subject matter for minds in an alternative and artificially altered state. It is instantly addictive, with some of the smartest rhymes you’ll hear all year.

I think NVRMND has really revolutionized that subtle mix of self-aggrandizement and humility. And you can hear it in his tone. There’s also a pinch of humor in there but this mixtape is no joke, and you can gauge that much from the 3 back-to-back tracks – “Stubborn (Prod. LordQuan)”, “Visionary (Prod. LWilliams)” and “Overdose (Prod. ACR)”.

NVRMND is simply real. His songs are confessional and he speaks from the heart without sugarcoating stuff which is one of the things that I enjoyed about this album – particularly on the tracks “Chance (Prod. ACR)” and “The End Is Near (Prod. MXS Beats)”.

If you are looking for some false bravado to bump out your window on a warm day so you can stunt, this mixtape is not for you. It is for real people with real experiences who like tight lyrics wrapped in an unfolding personal story.

NVRMND-ProfileIt is unbelievably refreshing to have a hip hop artist who has self-doubt, someone who doesn’t pretend that their life is perfectly amazing because they have it all figured out. This is someone who screwed up along the way and is still trying to figure things out.

For those who have grown weary of the recycled FM radio rubbish, “Dropin Tabs Then Spittin Bars” L.S.D. is the answer. NVRMND will take you on a sonic tour of his psyche, replete with profound thoughts, and some lighthearted musings directed at the superficial and judgmental.

Musically, he has crafted a journey of emotional highs and lows. He has accomplished the art of truly engaging the listener by delivering rap that beautifully intertwines melodically and lyrically – a feat that is often attempted, but rarely successful these days.


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